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Why Write Course Descriptions for your Homeschool High School Records

Why write a course description?

Some colleges will ask for them and some will not.  There are a few situations when course descriptions are extremely important.
1. When applying to a very selective college.
2. When parents can't afford college.
3. When the child wants to go to only ONE college.

In each of those situations, providing detailed homeschool records can improve your child's chances of admission and scholarships.

The transcript is the bare minimum requirement (there are VERY few that don't insist on a transcript.)  Most colleges prefer that course descriptions are included, but some do not.  Some colleges will ask for course descriptions, and others just assume homeschoolers will provide that detailed record keeping.

Here is what I suggest:  When it's time to apply for college, provide a one page transcript on top of the list of course descriptions.  Contact each college where you plan to apply, and find out how they want the course descriptions:  electronically, staples, loose papers, or what?  Try to give it to them in the way they want it.

If you have been preparing course descriptions each year, then compile them in a list.  You may want to add some final details:  grade or percentage score, the credit value for the course, or number of hours spent.  One you have that document (it might be 5 pages or 30 pages) place the one sheet transcript on top. Place a cover letter on top of that.  That's how we provided our homeschool records. It's that easy!

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