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Conservative Christian Engineering Colleges

Do you have an engineering 'geek' in your household? (Read my article, Teaching Geeks) Need to find a conservative Christian Engineering College for them? I can give you a jumping off place if you aren't sure where to start!

How can you find a good engineering university that is also a conservative Christian school? Christian parents want their children to attend a faith-friendly college that shares their views. They also want rigorous academics with a meaningful degree that will lead to a wonderful job in the future.

Check ABET Accreditation

It's extremely important to make sure that for each university you are considering, the engineering major at the school has current ABET accreditation. Many engineering companies will not hire an applicant with a degree that is not ABET accredited. It's a VERY big deal. The ABET accreditation must be current, not something they are hoping to achieve in the future. Search for current ABET accreditation by university name. 

Visit Each University

My son is an engineer, and so is my husband, and so we care deeply about quality engineering degrees. We visited each university we were interested in, and spent time looking over the lab and talking with the professors. There can be a shocking difference in the quality of engineering programs. Does it have a quality program, with updated equipment that looks interesting to the student? Do the professors generally care about their students? Can your child live there and study there for four years, and graduate on time?

Find College to Visit from this List

It's a challenge to find good Christian colleges with ABET accredited programs. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a professor of engineering, and he shared some helpful suggestions with me. No single list can help everyone, of course. However, if you don't even know where to begin looking for a conservative Christian university with an engineering school, at least this is a starting point. Attending a college fair will also help.

This list can help you start your college search.

Cedarville University in Ohio

Grove City College in Pennsylvania

Calvin University in Michigan

Seattle Pacific University in Washington

George Fox University in Oregon

LeTourneau University in Texas

Messiah University in Pennsylvania

Geneva College in Pennsylvania

Olivet Nazarene in Illinois

Andrews University in Michigan (7th Day Adventist)

Bob Jones University in South Carolina
Many of these colleges are on my list of big scholarship-granting universities here: Full Tuition Scholarships for Homeschool Students. While a Christian University may be preferable, the data shows that attending a Christian University is not actually tied to retaining the Christian faith. Instead, it's church attendance in college that is most closely tied to retaining faith. You could search for a good university program with a good faith community on campus. Read Pros and Cons of Public and Christian University [for Christian Parents].
Attending an engineering college can be expensive. If you need scholarships, watch my free class, Super Scholarships for the Humble Homeschooler and get great tips on getting great scholarships! Do your homework to make sure each college is a good fit for your child. Learn how to find a college that fits you and your child perfectly with my free eBook, Finding a College you Love
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Guest - Bagas on Thursday, 01 December 2022 10:15

Thank you for the helpful information.

Thank you for the helpful information.
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