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Time to Have "The Talk"

When children are young, we shield them from much of our "rated R" world.  But something happens that changes that.....  Your children grow up.  That's when we realize that we need to shelter young children, but discuss with teens.

When your children enter their teen years, it's time to begin having "the talk" about social issues, morality, and integrity.  Allow them to see more of the world, and explain to them what you see in the context of your world view.  Each family is unique and different.  Our job it to pass on our values to the next generation.  The only way that can happen is if they SEE our values.  They can't see if by reading a textbook, or seeing carefully selected movies.  Instead, they need "the talk."

Gently, and gradually, expose your children to the news and views of others.  A brief exposure to a news story, followed by discussion, can quickly explain your values and interpretation of the event.

What does that look like in the real world?  Few real homeschool moms can preview every high school level book their child reads, I'll admit.  On the other hand, it's pretty simple to watch 10 minutes of the evening news a few times each week, and discuss it as a family.  It's pretty easy to choose supplements that contain discussion prompts that will encourage you to explore the issues involved.

Don't shy away from discussion.  Talking to children about your values and beliefs will help them understand your actions, and can help them formulate their own beliefs.  They will be voting in just a few years.  Have "the talk" while they are teens, so they can vote responsibly.

Remember, shelter young children, but discuss with teens.


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Monday, 15 July 2024

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