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Teen Wants to go to Public School

There are certainly some challenging things that can happen to homeschoolers.  One of the biggest challenges is a child that wants to go to public school.  Nobody will have the answer for you, and nobody can solve this problem.  It's something you just have to work through - and pray over.  If you are in the midst of the struggle, I can consult with you on the phone if you are a Gold Care Club member. This is a topic that does best with conversation, so I can understand the situation and the child better. Sometimes I surprise myself with the things I will recommend once I get to know the situation better.  However,  I can suggest some things to consider.

  • Kids are who they are, and homeschooling will not force them to be unsocialized anymore than public school can force all children into becoming out-going socialites.

  • Is homeschooling working for you? I’m not asking if it’s perfect, because no school will ever be perfect. I’m only asking if it’s working! Are your kids progressing through subjects, learning things, doing things?

  • Don’t ask yourself if something else MIGHT work better, because you don’t know for sure if the grass is really greener somewhere else. You only know your own homeschool. Is it working? If it’s working, don’t stop!

  • Parents make decisions, not children.

  • Children don't change completely when they change schools.  They are still the same person with the same weaknesses and struggles.

  • When a child grows up, and becomes adult, sometimes changes are needed. This may be a situation where an alternative may be appropriate.  Read my article on the Community College Fad and learn about CollegePlus! Although neither option is perfect for everyone, one of those options may be helpful to you now.

  • Involve your child is planning the year.  Include delight-directed learning, and make sure curriculum choices fit your CHILD rather than you, the teacher.

  • If he feels stifled, the solution may be work. The best way to experience the world is to WORK in the world, not go to school with age-segregated people.  That's not at all what the real world is like.  Can your child get employment and have a real job with others?

  • If you are dealing with a young man, you might enjoy my husband's article on Raising Men. We also have a YouTube on the topic of Raising Men.

I hope that helps!  If you want some support, consider becoming a Gold Care Club Member so we can talk together for 20 minutes each week when you have concerns.

Another feature of the Gold Care Club is where I answer your biggest questions about homeschooling high school.
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Friday, 01 July 2022

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