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Is this enough for a high school credit?

Is this enough for a high school credit?  That depends on what YOU think - it's up to the homeschool parent!

I just finished watching your webinar on the grades, credits, and transcripts. My son is in the 9th grade and I am having him go through both books of the All American History.  This is one of those curriculums that can be adjusted to all ages so they give suggestions as to what you can do at the high school level.  I chose this curriculum for various reasons, but my concern is whether it will be accepted as high school level.  Not only am I having him read both books (a 2 year curriculum), but I am also having him read other books/literature, and do a few writing assignments.  Will that be enough?  And will any of the colleges want copies of his "other" work (writing assignments, timelines, etc.) to show what he did?  In YOUR opinion, is this curriculum acceptable high school level work?  Lastly, how many essays or writing assignments in one subject should be expected in a year for high school?



Dear Kim,

As the parent, you get to decide what is an appropriate level and amount of material.  If a curriculum is labeled as appropriate through high school, and your son is high school age, then YES, it's perfectly acceptable for high school credit!  Many times the difference boils down to expectations; you expect an older child to write more, write better, understand more, and remember more than you do a younger child.   There is no set amount of work that is defined as "high school level" and every school will require a different amount of writing.  Some schools, alt-ed programs, and accreditation agencies will have extremely high expectations (much to high for most students, and completely overwhelming for average kids.)  Other accredited high schools have such low requirements it's sort of perplexing. That's good news, though, because that means you can tailor your requirements to match your student's abilities.

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Friday, 19 August 2022

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