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Do you know what brings joy and excitement to homeschool? Delight directed learning! Delight directed learning is the secret ingredient of successful homeschooling, because it uses the student's natural interests and abilities to tailor a portion of their education. Join me as I teach you the joys of delight directed learning and how it can transform your homeschool!

- One session only -
Tuesday, August 24, 2021
11:00am Pacific Time

Let my research and experience of getting my own two children full-tuition scholarships help you melt the worry away. I can tell you exactly how homeschooling works best and how delight directed learning can help create a happy homeschool and lead to college admission and great scholarships.

When you join my class, you'll learn...
  • What delight directed learning is
  • How it makes homeschooling better
  • How to identify and encourage it
  • How to balance homeschooling
  • How to document delight directed learning
  • PLUS there will be time to ask questions at the end!

Tuesday, August 24 at 11am (Pacific Time) ~ We'll have fun! I promise!

Delight directed learning makes homeschooling better for EVERYONE. It reduces burnout, improves cooperation, and develops self-motivated learners. It increases the love of learning by making education more relevant, enjoyable, and meaningful. Delight directed learning can also improve your child's chances of earning college admission, scholarships, and job opportunities - all while still in high school!

Did you know that delight directed learning makes school less "work" for kids, because they think they're just having fun? It's true! And it's less work for parents, because they don't have to plan lessons or figure out testing. Win-win! I'll show you how in class ~ Tuesday, Aug. 24th at 11:00am Pacific Time.

GOODIES: When you attend, you'll receive a link to download a free workbook to follow along with and use for notes. As a bonus, you'll also receive my downloadable ebook, How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript! This free ebook will show you how to convert natural learning into credits for your high school transcript.

Learn more in my invite below! I look forward to meeting with you!

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Saturday, 25 September 2021

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