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Encouragement from The Other Side

It's nice to hear stories from parents who have been where you are, but have now graduated a student.  Have they ruined their children's lives?  Have the missed out on college admission or scholarships?  Hardly!  Mostly I hear stories that I call "Shock and Awe!"  Parents write to me and confess the wonderful results of homeschooling high school.  The most common feelings when high school is over?  Shock that it worked, and Awe at the admission and scholarship results!  Here is an example from a letter I received last week from a long-time Gold Care Club member.

Hi Lee,

I am taking a few moments to write to you before we send Jacob off to college on Sunday.  I was doing fine with Jacob going off to college until this past Saturday when I was grocery shopping and lost it when I was buying bananas! I know that sounds a little "bananas" but I realized at that moment that Jacob is the only person besides me who likes bananas in our family and that next week I won't be grocery shopping for him. I thought my heart would break! Fortunately, I cracked my husband up telling him the story so I only cried for a few hours:(   Okay, on to my effusive thank you note!

Lee when I found your website and materials it was such a blessing! I had been struggling to create a transcript using some pretty expensive software and was just not having much success. From the very first time I spoke with you my anxiety level decreased immensely and I was able to create a beautiful document that accurately reflected Jacob's accomplishments. Jacobwas especially grateful that you suggest I give him a computer programming credit for the sudoku problem-solving program and website he developed:) He certainly deserved it but I wasn't looking "outside of the box."

When we went on college visits I took his transcript with us and there was never anything but praise from the college admissions counselors. Jacob was ultimately admitted to the five schools he applied to and received scholarship
offers from every school
. Since Jacob was named a National Merit Scholarship Finalist he was awarded a 4-year full tuition scholarship to The Ohio State University (Honors Program) where he ultimately decided to attend. He will major in their computer science engineering program.

I hope that other parents who are considering homeschooling high school will realize that it can be done! I know when we were contemplating doing it one of my greatest fears was that I would mess up his life forever and he would not have the opportunities that other students would have. Well that was just simply wrong! Jacob was able to study at his own pace and accomplish quite a bit along the way:) I also feel that I was able to spend precious time with my son that was and will continue to be a blessing for our entire family. That isn't to say that there weren't hard days (weeks, months even!) but we persevered and grew so much along the way!

I can't thank you enough for helping me pull it all together and cheering us across the finish line! I know we'll continue to be in contact over the next two years as Sara begins the process of applying to the military academies. That will be an entirely different experience but I am sure with your materials and support it will be much easier:)

Thanks for everything!

Cassie in Ohio

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Guest - Wendy R on Thursday, 07 October 2010 10:27

Thankyou so much for sharing your fears and success. I am very encouraged by all of your stories of struggles, growth, and success!

Thankyou so much for sharing your fears and success. I am very encouraged by all of your stories of struggles, growth, and success!
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