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"Cramming for Tests" or "Loving to Learn"?

I posted a public school student's valedictorian speech on my newsletter, and it brought up an interesting question about cramming for a test.

I love that speech! But now I'm concerned because we're thinking of using CollegePlus (recommended on this website). Doesn't CollegePlus do just that - train people to cram for tests and then forget? I totally see the value of getting through college in high school, but please give some input about how to reconcile this process with a true, critical thinking education. Thanks so much! ~ Lisa

Dear Lisa,

Don't think about CLEP study as "cramming for the test."  Certainly there is an element of learning how to test well.  But instead of focusing on that, think about it from a different perspective. CollegePlus and CLEP exams help you measure what your child knows.  They use tests to do that.

Study skills and logic are important in life, helping children make decisions in every area.  Teaching children how to read quickly with comprehension will be helpful in any career or college pursuit.  Those skills can never be wasted.

The young woman in the video had been taught many worthwhile skills.  She has chosen to devalue their meaning, and has decided for herself that she was merely learning for a test.  With homeschooling, we hope to encourage our children to become life-long learners.  We want them to learn and REMEMBER, not learn and fill in the bubbles.

Thinking back to my own high school years, I'm amazed at what I have forgotten (or never learned in the first place.)  When I look at my grown adult children, I'm amazed at how much they remember.

Focus on the love of learning.  College Plus is a method to measure the learning they have done.

For more information on how to utilize CLEP Exams in your homeschool, please see my website on "How to Homeschool College."

I hope that helps,

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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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