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✰✰✰✰✰ Pure Value for Homeschool Families Inside These Pages! TREMENDOUS!

✰✰✰✰✰ Pure Value for Homeschool Families Inside These Pages! TREMENDOUS!

It's always nice when someone takes the time to review my books. I recently got this five star review from Jennifer and her daughter Ella for Gifted Education Strategies for Every Child: Homeschool Secrets for Success. They both loved it! Read what they wrote:

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5.0 out of 5 stars Pure Value for Homeschool families inside these pages! TREMENDOUS!
By Jennifer C. Lopez
March 4, 2017

"I LOVE the way this book is organized. Author Lee Binz is straight forward and provides highly practical and ample examples about what a homeschool parent should do differently when they are teaching a gifted child. Though the book says 'high-school', we found that the entire book was 100% applicable to gifted homeschool students and their families at basically any age (with the exception of the last two chapters on College). Lee not only provides specific acceleration strategies and specialization techniques- but also offers up some additional curricular resources which she's found extremely helpful during their own homeschool journey."

She encourages parents to allow their kids lots of time to read independently and to ensure that their 'specializations' or areas of intense passion toward a topic are never overlooked. Lee also helps prepare parents for the reality that homeschooling gifted children means you will likely not be following typical grade/age patterns associated with the more typical institutional education- it's more flexible and learning takes place in these magnificently unexpected ways.

My daughter is only 8 yrs, but we both related to every part of the first 8 chapters of the book. She read it with me, after I'd read it through once and we would look at each other, saying- "Wow- we do that!" -or- "That's a great idea too!" In fact, our daughter laughed when Lee mentioned the importance of typing-skills with gifted students, since often the gifted child will "think so quickly...their brains go faster than they can write." We've always had a balanced approach to Homeschooling and endeavor to incorporate technology while remaining firmly guided by traditional literature book-in-the-hand --and-- pencil to paper approaches as well. But not long ago we finally realized she was writing so much and not able to get all of her ideas out (as a young author)- so we introduced typing. It has been a tremendous help to her, when the ideas are flowing fast. She also loved the idea of a little mini voice recorder for the times when an idea comes that she'd like to pursue in greater depth.

I am quite impressed with the presentation of the information in this book and can tell Lee speaks from a place of experience, authentic interest in helping others and a great intellect. We wished we would have read this before completing our own Mother-Daughter book, as it would have most definitely gone in as a recommended resource for Homeschool Parents and their kids. From fellow homeschool authors who are living this beautiful way of life, I HIGHLY recommend this book and am so grateful to have found it.

Sincerely, Jennifer and Ella C. Lopez
Authors: Thanks But I'll Teach My Own Kid. A New Generation of Fearless Homeschooler

If you have read Gifted Education Strategies for Every Child: Homeschool Secrets for Success but would like more support, consider getting my Parent Training Class Gifted Education Online Training Class. The class content was recently refreshed and updated.

I have to say, if you ever want to do anything to encourage me, or another author, just leave a review on Amazon. They promote books with lots of reviews, and frankly they don't promote books that don't have reviews. So it's an incredibly meaningful way to show your support and encouragement for an author. Thank you!

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