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Nervous about Homeschooling High School?

Not everyone feels confident about homeschooling.  Shannon was nervous when she started, but I'd say it ended up pretty well for her and her son, Aaron.  Read Shannon's story - I know it will encourage you!

Hi Lee, I'm responding to your request for high school graduate postings.

When I began homeschooling Aaron in kindergarten, I wasn't sure I could teach the basics, let alone all the way through high school.

I was nervous about teaching in general. He was a smart kid, and still is. One thing that gave me encouragement was the fact that I'd taught him to read when he was 4. I used phonics. When I heard that the local public school 'taught' reading in late kindergarten and 1st grade using whole language, I knew I had to homeschool. The irony is this school was very proud of its remedial reading program in 4th grade; however, if they'd taught the kids how to read using phonics, they wouldn't need the remedial program!

This Saturday he graduates with a 3.9 from his Running Start classes plus homeschool classes. He was accepted into both UW and Rochester Institute of Technology. He will be majoring in Physics at the UW. On the side, he sings, plays guitar and acts.

I am very proud of Aaron and what he has accomplished. Not only is he excelling academically and in the arts, he is a morally strong young man with a love for Jesus Christ. I know that homeschooling him all these years has been vital to his development. Homeschooling has enabled him to pursue his passions as well as guarding his heart from the prevailing attitudes of the culture.

Some of the best curriculum choices I made were: Bob Jones math (colorful pages when they're younger and they really teach the concepts; all my kids have done well in BJUP math), Apologia science, Romalda Spaulding phonics cards for learning to read and spell, frequent trips to the library, Christian drama/theater (which I'm heavily involved in, but which I endorse because of how it helps improve speaking skills, memory skills, physical memory skills, confidence, and helps instruct youth through story . . . and enables kids to do ministry for others, including praying for the audiences).

Homeschooling our children is one of the best decisions my husband and I have made.

~ Shannon

I agree!  It was one of the best decisions our family made too!  It's no always easy, but you can do it!  And you can be successful like Shannon!

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