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Margin Means Saying No

Have you ever wondered why some books are easier to read than others?  It’s not just because of the vocabulary words they use; it’s also due to how much white space is on the page. You need that ‘white space’ in your life, too, otherwise known as ‘‘margin.”   Margin means having some free time and some down time.  Your children need free time in their homeschool, so they can develop whatever God-given gift they were given. After covering core classes, make sure that you also give your students some white space.  All the activities your child does may be wonderful, but neither they nor you can do it all. You must say ‘no’ to some good options, so that you keep some margin and keep your sanity.

Let me repeat that. Say ‘no’ to some good options.  So hard to do, and so very important!

Sometimes a homeschool parent will start to look at high school and college, and begin to freak out.  That stress will lead to them trying to cram twelve years of school into one year. This really is counter-productive, and will stress out the parents and the students alike, so they actually get less done, not more. Build some margin into your homeschool, so that there is space and time to accomplish both the important things, and those things that might not be planned, but are equally important.

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Friday, 09 June 2023

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