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Project Manager of Your Home

As the resident homeschool adviser to your children, it’s important that you don’t drop the ball when it comes to deadlines, plans, and requirements. You will need to keep track of the academic calendar and what courses your children need to cover, when they need to study for specific tests, what year to take those tests, and what specific tests they should take.

My husband works as a project manager.  He doesn’t actually build the building, but he manages the people who build the building. As a homeschool parent, that’s your job: you are the project manager when it comes to applying to college and getting into college. You don’t write the essay your child needs for college entrance or scholarship application; the child writes it himself.  But you do make sure that the essay’s done and turned in.  Likewise, you make sure that the test is taken, but you don’t take the test yourself.

As an academic adviser, you also have to prepare the academic records—the information colleges want to see upon application. Academic records are just words and numbers on a piece of paper that represent what you’ve done as homeschoolers. Don’t stress about this part; just take what you’ve done in your homeschool and write it down the way that colleges want to see it. There are lots of resources on my website to help you create course descriptions and transcripts, so don’t be afraid of this step.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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