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How to Include Boy Scouts on a High School Transcript

How to Include Boy Scouts on a High School Transcript

Learn how to put scouting and other fabulous fun on your homeschool transcript and convert natural learning into high school credit with this free ebook. Download now: How to Convert Delight Directed Learning Into High School Credit 

Boy Scouts, Scouting, and Eagle Scout is a great activity for homeschooled teens, and you can include it on your transcript in many ways.

Scouting as a PE Class

The easy way to include scouting on the transcript is to include 1 credit of PE per year. Often scouting will include many hundreds of hours, so no counting hours is usually necessary. It includes all physical activity, all outdoor activities (camping, fishing, etc.) and all sports (like marksmanship, etc.).

To grade scouting is easy. When your teen is working hard and enjoying it, give them an A. Give an A if they get to Eagle rank for sure, because they have really exceeded expectations at that point.

Give this class a descriptive class title. It may be easiest to call the class "PE: Personal Fitness" or "PE: Outdoor Education," your choice.

Create a course description. Look at the scout uniform and ask the child to name each badge. Each badge is like a "unit study" for that class. Each badge is like a list of topics that were included in your class. Instead of tests, use badges to evaluate learning outcomes. Each badge attempt gets a grade, and badge earned gets an A.

This article will explain more about PE: Physical Education Outside the Box

Scouting as an Activity

It's ok for scouting to be on the transcript AND the activity list When I was in high school, I was involved in Choir. I received high school music credit for the time I was in the class, but it was also listed as an activity on my transcript. My public high school included some classes on the transcript and the activity list.

Mention scouting briefly on a simple notation to your transcript, perhaps something like this: Boy Scouts 9, 10, 11, 12 - Eagle Scout 12. Read more about that concept here: Add an Abbreviated Activities List to Your Transcript

Create a longer, more detailed activity list as well. This article will talk you through the other things you need to include on your activity list. Read How to Create an Extraordinary Activity List for Perfectly Ordinary Teens

Scouting as a Leadership Position

Scouting is significant, and becoming an Eagle Scout is a huge leadership position that you will want to emphasize. Colleges love to see applicants that have achieved the Eagle Scout rank, believing them to be more mature and capable of leadership positions on campus.

Some Scouts, and Eagle Scouts in particular, are eager to join the military. If that's you, please read the article Military Careers After Homeschool .

Scouting as an Elective

Not everything a scout does is PE. You can college the "non-PE" activities and badges to see if they might fit for occupational education, technology, or even a fine art class. Look over the badges earned, and use the "Sticky Note Strategy" to combine them into affinity groups.

Learning how to put Boy Scouting on a transcript is just a small piece of how you can make your homeschool transcript stand out from the crowd and earn scholarships. By following a simple step by step process in the

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