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Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child [Free Class!]

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You don't need to change the way you homeschool to make your child fit the "college box." I can show you how to translate your child's unique homeschool records into a transcript that will help your child stand out in the crowd!

Join my free class, "Creating Transcripts for your Unique Child" on Tuesday, August 10 (11am Pacific Time) or Thursday, August 12 (1pm Pacific Time). Together we will look at different situations you may be facing, so you can learn how to make your child look great on this important piece of paper.

College admissions counselors want to get to know your student through their transcript. The transcript needs to be unique and multi-dimensional, reflecting your unique student so their education and personality shine. Don't stress about making a transcript like this - I'm here to help you like I've helped so many others! Join my class, and we'll work through it together.

"I recently attended Lee Binz's free webinar 'Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child' and cannot recommend it highly enough. Lee is calm and cool and encouraging. The webinar gave me the boost of confidence and excitement I needed to get to work on a transcript for my high school sophomore. Thanks, Lee!" ~ Gayle Brindley

Choose either Tuesday, August 10 (11am Pacific Time) or Thursday, August 12 (1pm Pacific Time).

If your child is not in the center of the bell-shaped curve, or has some unusual gifts or challenges, this class will help you make an awesome homeschool transcript. I'll show you how to create a fabulous homeschool transcript for your student whether they are gifted, struggling, artistically-enthused, STEM-inclined, previously public-schooled, or failure-prone. It CAN be done!

Let me put your mind at ease with this short class description video. :)

When you register for the class, I'll email you a link to download the free class workbook, and you'll also receive my ebook, How to Put Fabulous Fun on Your Homeschool Transcript and Convert Natural Learning into High School Credit. This bonus downloadable ebook is perfect for creating unique transcripts!

Reserve your spot today, friends!

There is nothing "odd" about a teen who shows passionate interest in one or more areas of their education. They are tomorrow's world changers! Let me show you how to present them in a way colleges will understand.

Tuesday, August 10 (11am Pacific Time) or Thursday, August 12 (1pm Pacific Time) 

I realize some of you may be feeling a great time crunch. Can't wait for class? Desperate for urgent help now?! The Total Transcript Solution has everything you need to make your transcript in just a couple of hours. Here's what Cynthia had to say:

"You cannot beat Lee's free webinars for the education and encouragement you need to home school through high school. Very fun, enlightening, and thorough. I am very pleased with 'Total Transcript Solution,' plus all the freebies that come with it! With Lee's help, I have begun to look at my children as the unique, special children they are and we are tailoring our home school around their unique and special interests and helping them record their work in a way that will showcase their value to colleges and employers. This is a switch from feeling overwhelmed by 'getting it all in.' Check out her website! You *CAN* home school through high school." ~ Cynthia Hershberger

I'm looking forward to seeing you in class!

More Success Stories from People Like You!

"Your help understanding the language that colleges speak was helpful. With that information, I was able to craft a transcript for my daughter that showed the depth of her learning throughout her high school years. It impressed me when it was all jotted down on paper that we had done way more than I originally thought. It helped me see that though she was not strong in one area, she had actually accomplished quite a bit in several other subjects. I was also able to allay my husband's fears that although her high school transcript would not contain calculus, its scope and depth would actually keep her from looking like a cookie-cutter kid and perhaps make her a stand-out student. And knowing that I have permanent access to all of your transcript templates makes my investment worth it, because I can use it for the seven children coming up behind her. Thanks again for your help" ~ Debbie in CO

"Lee's guidance and advice was instrumental in helping me create a strong, academic curriculum, and to document and track all that we did. She also helped me create transcripts that highlighted my kids' academic strengths, passions, and unique attributes. Lee is organized, positive, practical, and creative. I highly recommend her service. Thank you Lee!" ~ Nicole Bell

"This was our first year doing homeschool with our own curriculum and I was terrified that I would miss something crucial. Lee has been instrumental in helping me put everything into order, and her programs have given me the confidence I needed to make homeschooling high school successful for my unique child. I highly recommend using everything and anything she has to offer!" ~ Tiffany Flanders

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Guest - Courtney on Thursday, 12 August 2021 16:10

I was not able to attend this. Is there still a way to see this webinar?

I was not able to attend this. Is there still a way to see this webinar?
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