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6 Ways to Save Homeschool Records Forever

6 Ways to Save Homeschool Records Forever

You don't have to save your curriculum forever, and you don't have to save all your child's daily work or notebooks or papers. But you do need to save the OFFICIAL homeschool records forever. In my free eBook, Comprehensive Homeschool Records, I will help you discover just what kind of homeschool records you need to make (and, of course, keep). Put your best foot forward to win college admission and scholarships!

Forever is a long time. This is what I suggest:
  1. Save your work on your computer, in an easy-to-find folder, clearly labeled with a title and child's name. Make a folder for each child and/or each year.
  2. Save a physical copy by printing it out and storing it in a file. Many people will also save a physical copy in their safe deposit box with other important records like your mortgage information and car title.
  3. Save a digital copy in a portable drive or on a disk. Again, some people will store that in their safe deposit box.
  4. Email yourself a copy, so you can keep that in your email folders should you ever need it. Again, it has to be easy to find, so make sure it's clearly labeled with a title and the child's name in the subject line.
  5. Email a copy to your child or family member so someone else will have a copy. This provides a back up system. I suggest sending that in PDF format, so it can't be altered, but can be easily printed.
  6. Online backup system like Carbonite so it is safe and secure but also easy to replace if you need it.
Need help making a transcript? I explain details about making a transcript in my article, How to Make a Homeschool Transcript 

Get even more answers with my online resource, the Comprehensive Record Solution. All the help you need in one place!
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Wednesday, 27 September 2023

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