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Graduation Photos from Allyson

Graduation Photos from Allyson

How are you going to make your child's high school graduation special? Check out these awesome photos from my Gold Care Club member, Allyson. Graduation is a special time, and you can make your homeschool graduation special too!

Hi Lee,

It's been a while, but I wanted to give you another Hatt Update. We have another daughter who has graduated from high school. She will be heading down to VA to complete her Bachelor of Science degree at Liberty University. She has also been accepted in the Honors Program for her undergraduate studies at Liberty. Our daughter will be going down to Liberty as a Junior - with an outstanding GPA. She also graduated, along with her sister, with her Associate Arts degree, in May of this year! Both daughters achieved highest honors! :)

Thanks to your encouragement, posts, etc.. Your posts, Gold Care Club, phone calls, and books have been such an encouragement to me over the years! I almost wish Jonathan and I had another child -- almost!! So glad that we found your website and that we chose to be, "different," by continuing to home educate our daughters throughout high school. It was one of our best decisions - and certainly the best decision for each of our daughters!! We couldn't have done it as well without your help!! The information you shared was so practical, helpful, encouraging and at time humorous! Your insight and information enabled us to provide the best education to our girls. This fall we will have all three daughters studying at Liberty University, two in residence and one online. All are doing very well, and we are proud of all three of them - and so thankful that we made the choice to home school high school. Thanks again!!

Forever grateful, Allyson
#lovedthosehomeschoolingyears #thankfulandblessed #Libertybound!

I love the emphasis on family closeness, the bright colors, the consistent theme, and the AMAZING cookies! Doesn't it look like fun?!

You can purchase a cap and gown, regalia, announcements, and diplomas from said she is "Thankful we made the choice to home school high school" and one day you will be thankful too!

Test Preparation for Grade 7 - 9
Graduation Photos from Kelly


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Friday, 14 May 2021

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