High School Centered Around Interests

High School Centered Around Interests Tricia wrote to share her graduation story. Read about her success overcoming obstacles, and creating a high school centered around the interests of her daughter. You'll be so encouraged today! I would love to share the story of my recent graduate from Homeschool because ours is such a testimony of what God can do when we don't see how it will ever work out!We recently graduated our second daughter from our homeschool. ...

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Pros and Cons of Graduating Late

Pros and Cons of Graduating Late

Each family is different and only the parent is in the best position to decide on a gradation date. That said, let's think through the pros and c...

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[Book Excerpt] Senior Year Step-By-Step

This is a chapter from my book, Senior Year Step-by-Step: Simple Instructions for Busy Homeschool Parents. You can get your own copy in print or Kindl...

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They Grow Up and Leave Home: Sending Your Child to College

Homeschoolers LOVE their children. They love having children, they love being around their children, and they love having their children live at home....

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Are Homeschool Diplomas a Good Idea?

Nancy asks, "Is a diploma a good idea?"Yes, Nancy. I believe that they are. Here is video response with some more thoughts about homeschool diplomas.Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You’ll get notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!

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The Homeschool Librarian Loved This Book

Susan Mythen "The Homeschool Librarian" reviewed my book on Amazon.  You should hear what she said!"I loved this book. Loved. I wouldn't say that it's the most comprehensive book out there, but the areas that it does tackle are done impeccably, and leave the reader feeling confident about their ability to see their homeschooler through to graduation and beyond.This book doesn't try to be all things to all people; it focuses on documentation and transcript writing and does...

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Washington State Homeschool Graduation Requirements

For many homeschoolers, college follows shortly after graduation. Gaining college admission and scholarships is the concluding act of your homeschooling career. Let me show you how to do it. Click to register for my free class: College Applications Simply ExplainedHomeschool law may not be the same as the law covering public or private schools. In Washington State, for example, public school is covered in one area of the law, and homeschool law is covered in an entirely different...

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Can You Give a Homeschool Diploma?

When a child graduates from your homeschool, can you give a homeschool diploma? YES! When you homeschool within your state law, you become an official homeschool. You can give your child an official homeschool diploma.For many homeschoolers, college comes after homeschooling. Let me teach you expert strategies for choosing a college that will love your student ALMOST as much as you do. Click to download my free ebook: Find a College You Love!When I speak to...

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Graduation Photos from Allyson

Graduation Photos from Allyson

How are you going to make your child's high school graduation special? Check out these awesome photos from my Gold Care Club member, Allyson. Graduati...

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Graduation Photos from Kelly

Graduation Photos from Kelly

It's graduation season and I love seeing the unique graduation experiences of homeschoolers! This is how Kelly celebrated with her son the beekeeper! ...

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Homeschool Graduation by Jean

Homeschool Graduation by Jean What will your homeschool graduation look like?Jean was kind enough to share her graduation day photos. There were only two graduates in this ceremony. There were a couple of others in the homeschool group that were graduating this year, but they didn't want to be recognized in a service. Each family of the two graduates invited whomever they wanted to attend the ceremony and reception. Together, the two families invited over 400...

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Graduate and Go To Work

As a parent, your work during high school includes planning for and providing the best possible education for your children so they can learn the life skills they need. Graduate and Go to Work It’s your job to prepare them to be ready for a variety of different possibilities and then encourage them to pursue what they’ll need to know in order to function in their job, whether that includes college or not.Education is not just...

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Homeschoolers with Unique Learning Styles? It's All Good Learning!

Homeschoolers with Unique Learning Styles? It's All Good Learning! There are a million great ways to homeschool. The best way is the one that fits your children's unique learning styles. Not everyone learns the same way. The challenge is to find the way that will help YOUR child learn. Here is what Carol says about her daughter's graduation.My daughter Sarah was homeschooled from 1st grade to her high school graduation in May 2011. It was one of the joys of my...

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Tips for New Empty Nesters

Tips for New Empty Nesters I found a marvelous collection of articles for parents that are sending their children off to college and becoming empty nesters. Check these out and let me know what you think!  Tips for First-Years This article has some tips on how to stay in touch with your child. What I loved even more, though, was this list: 3 Simple Steps for Academic Success Go to class.Do all of the homework and reading.Get...

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When Should I Graduate My Child?

When Should I Graduate My Child? When is it ok to graduate your homeschool high school student? Click on Lee's video, below, to find out! How did you determine when to graduate your child? Please share! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics! If your child is about to graduate, check out the Options After High School (Online Training) class for some guidance on...

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