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What is Your Homeschool Budget?

What is your homeschool budget? The average family spend $500 per child each year on curriculum. Are you more, less, or about the same? In some states, the budget is around $9000 per child per year. Whatever your budget, I'll bet yours is lower than that! I always wonder if these studies include things like piano lessons, which can really add up.... Do you have a budget, or just buy what you need for school and then pinch pennies somewhere else?


Ours is definitely less. I'd say around $800-1000 a year total for four kids. I often say that if I had the $36,000 in tax money that would be spent on my kids in public school EACH YEAR we would travel the world for an amazing education! ~ Ellen

We spend about $1300 to $1500 for 7th, 9th, and 10th grades combined. ~ Pam

We spend around $2,000. on two children. Then we spend money on field trips. ~ Melissa

About $1,000--but that does not include things like skating lessons, rifle club, dance lessons and orchestra. ~ Patricia

$500 on one. Definitely less. ~ Dawn

We usually spend around $600 on curriculum (homeschooling 1 child). This fall was less (about $275) but we'll spend a lot this spring as we start high school biology. We'll get a very high-quality microscope and all the slides; as my son wants to be a marine biologist, we'll be doing very heavy sciences and consider good equipment an investment, so we assessed and scaled back on some other areas where we could save. ~ Maggie

We spend more, but I like the curriculum choices we have for high school. ~ Fancy

I think we spend $50 on 2 kids. If I can't find it for free or barter it just does not happen. I think studies like this make it seem like you have to have money to homeschool. Nope! A library card is a great beginning, a computer and printer of your own is the next level up. anyone can home educate their children, even us "financially challenged" folk! ~ Jackie

I would love to say less but I think by the time I add it all up I am pretty close to average. We have 2 with an up and coming 3rd. ~ Anna

I'm probably close to that average some years--especially for my oldest. Thankfully, many of the materials can be reused for younger siblings, reducing their amount spent. I would love that state budget, though. There are some online classes I would love for my kids to take and that would cover it nicely! ~ Samantha

I think $20 so far maybe a bit more. Who has hundreds???? ~ Deidra

Mine is about $1000 per child inclusive of EVERYTHING from pencils to field trips to books and videos. But I use the ABeka DVD homeschool curriculum ~ Dawna

Um wow! I have three and have been at it for 6 years I've never spent $500 per child let alone for all 3 in one year. I buy everything used, write reviews, find it free, etc but I almost never ever pay full price. Grandma covers dance and martial arts though. ~ Sarah

My budget is $1000 total for 3 kids for just curriculum. I buy mostly new, some of which is consumable. Now that my oldest is high school and youngest is 1st grade I'm up to about $1200 total. The most expensive stuff though is reusable but my kids are each 4 years a part so I've got a couple more years before I see the return on my investment. It helps when you don't switch curriculum every year!!! ~ Emily

On average, around $ 200 per child per year. ~ Esther

Sandy Norris Grant I think that my friends who send their kids to public school spend more for their "free" education than I do. I have seen them rack up hundreds of dollars in back to school supplies, then there are the school fees, textbook fees, locker fees, activity fees, sports/ arts fees.... Homeschooling is definitely the cheaper away to go. I think a lot of homeschoolers do include piano, and other lessons in their totals but I don't. If I would still have to pay for it if my kids when to Public School I figure it is just an expense that comes with having kids, not necessarily a homeschooling expense. ~ Sandy

About $1000 per kid. I am homeschooling two of my three kids. I am a vocal and piano teacher so that saves us having to send them elsewhere. ~ Melody

I probably dont spend 500 a year for 4 kids, but they are all elementary aged, I know high school will be more. ~ Beth

We spend about $700 a year for our 3 kids, because we buy the type that once you buy it you can reuse it. So that number is about to start going down, as we now have curriculum for all 12 grades. ~ Lisa

I have one highschooler, and math alone this year cost me $500 (but I am getting help via Chalkdust this year). I will never have the luxury of re-using all this wonderful curriculum with "the littles", either. That being said, it will never approach $9000.....or$3000..... ~ Heather

Definitely less than $500 per kid...I have 4 and we love to recycle!! ~ Melissa

About the same, but that doesn't include dance and karate lessons. ~ Kelly

About $1200 this year for two kids but that is only for books - no extras. ~ Jo-Ann

It depends upon finances: last year we could spend $500 a piece for each of our 3 kids. This year $500 covered all 3... Ambleside Online is my lifesaver & Easy Peasy Homeschooling has bridged a couple of subjects also. Vegsource helped me locate used Sonlight curriculum. ~ Angela

$200-300 a year for 2 in high school (not including lessons or sports). We use many free online classes & resources. In addition, we have had many things given to us from other homeschool families. ~ Samantha

I think this really shows just the HUGE variation in the amount that parents spend on curriculum and homeschooling each year. Guess what?  It's all good!  Statistically speaking, homeschoolers out-perform public school students REGARDLESS of how much money you spend on curriculum.  So spend a lot or a little, and it's OK.  You get to choose how much! Don't be embarrassed whether it is much more, or much less.  You can do it.


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