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Total Transcript Solution at Your Service!

While there are lots of resources for homeschooling high school on The HomeScholar website, one of the most popular is our Total Transcript Solution (TTS).  What many people don’t realize is that this program can be used over time, and for more than one student!  If you have a lot of children, TTS is a really good value, because you can use it for an unlimited number of students for as long as you want. You’re actually purchasing a website page that you will have access to forever, so you can download the book three times, and if you lose it, you can download it again. If your computer crashes, you’ll still have access to the information there, and everything will be easy for you to find.

We make continuous improvements over time to TTS, which are put on the main webpage. This means that you’ll always have up-to-date information, which will always be easy for you to use.  Recently, we added a section on emergency transcripts to the web page, because a lot of people seem to need to have their transcript done tomorrow! I created a program to follow, including a series of simple steps, which will enable you to get your transcript done within one day if you need one in an emergency. Many other great things are being added continuously to this site, so it’s really worth the investment!

Learn how to translate all those great homeschool high school classes into the words and numbers that colleges will understand.  Get the Total Transcript Solution  
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Monday, 15 August 2022

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