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Send Thank You Notes by Email to Demonstrate Interest

Send Thank You Notes by Email to Demonstrate Interest

Each time you and your child interact with a college, the student should send a "Thank You" note by email within a few days of their visit.

In the past, these were traditionally snail-mail letters, but now we have a powerful weapon: email. Whereas a mailed thank you letter ends a conversation, an email thank you will continue the conversation with a college, as the student asks follow up questions. Colleges love to see demonstrated interest and a continuing conversation can demonstrate interest in a college.

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Send thank you notes to all the people you can that have represented the college; the admission officers you met, tour guides, professors, college fair representatives, the person who interviewed you, and, even those who sent your letter of recommendation.

The emails should be sent from the student. The student should have a serious email address, with their name perhaps, not a goofy email or one that includes questionable words or phrases. This will become their "adult" email address for the future.

The thank you note should not only express thanks, but also act as a follow-up, with questions that continue the conversation and interaction with the college. Parents and teens can brainstorm ideas to include in the letter, but it should be composed by the teen so it sounds like the teenager.

Here is a suggested thank you note that you can use as a format to extend your conversation.

Dear {insert a real person's name}

Thank you so much for my visit to {college name and the date you visited.} It was so nice to see  {insert real details about your visit. Give at least 3 examples of things you liked about the campus; the food, the people, the housing, the atmosphere.}

I really enjoyed {insert real details about the college major you are interested in; the department head, the classes, the equipment they use in the department or major.}

I have a question. {insert one or more question about virtually anything; scholarships, visiting again, what is their application essay, when do they accept applications, how much does it cost to apply.}

Thank again. {perhaps adding how you'd like to come for another visit, giving additional things you like about the college, and that you are hoping to hear back from them soon.}


{Student's first and last name}

It's perfectly acceptable to also follow up by snail-mail with a mailed letter. This will also demonstrate serious interest in the college - it just won't continue the conversation like the email exchange will.

If you have already written a thank you note, share in the comments so we can help and encourage one another!

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Jodie Masella Masella on Thursday, 15 February 2018 20:25

This is great information! Thank you!

This is great information! Thank you!
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