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Let's Talk About Money

Matt Binz here (Mr. HomeScholar). I wanted to speak directly to whoever handles money matters in your family.  

The College Launch Solution is expensive. I get it.

I run a small business and I know all about investing in it. You run a family, and it requires an investment too. Let me explain why the College Launch Solution is a good investment.

1. The College Launch Solution will help you avoid unnecessary expenses caused by bad decisions and poor prioritization.

The College Launch Solution can save you money by keeping you on track to minimize your college costs and maximize your scholarships. It will help you avoid missed deadlines, incomplete records, and missed scholarship opportunities. It will help your kids avoid choosing the wrong college, wrong degree, and wrong lifestyle. These are common errors that result from a lack of knowledge.

2. The College Launch Solution is NOT a homeschool expense, it is an investment in college.

Trust me, the money FLIES when your child attends college - it's a big investment! Anything you can do to reduce the cost of college is an investment in college. Saving $500 for a college education isn't much of an investment but putting $500 toward learning about admission and scholarships can have a HUGE financial payoff.

3. Kids are expensive, but failure to launch is MORE expensive.

You already know that kids are expensive, but kids in college are 10 times more expensive. But do you know what's the most expensive? Having your child living in your home into adulthood, with you footing the bill. The College Launch Solution will help you launch your child successfully into college, career, entrepreneurship, emphasizing debt-free choices and living independently. You don't want them to live at home forever... it's not good for them OR for you.

4. The College Launch Solution is only 1/10th the cost of the average college coach.

A college coach is a "get them into college" professional. You didn't need professional training in "classroom management" to homeschool, and you don't need professional college coaching either. You see, the College Launch Solution is VERY different than hiring a college coach. Lee will teach YOU how to be the coach. You won't be alone, you don't have to spend thousands you don't have, and it will give you the right amount of help for a fraction of the cost of a college coach.

I know your deepest desire to launch your child successfully into college and life, both so they are happy and so they can take care of you when you are old (OK, maybe that's just me). The College Launch Solution will help you accomplish that and will give you a great return on your investment.

Matt (husband of Lee)

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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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