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How much does college cost?

How much does college cost? It could be less than you think. Here's why.

cost of collegeHow much does college cost?

Sticker Shock

When parents first start shopping for college, they experience some tremendous sticker shock. Look to the net price calculator, which will factor in the expected financial aid you might receive.  The College Board offers a one-stop-shopping net price calculator on its website that will figure the price for different colleges.

→ Big tip!  Don't compare the sticker price of colleges, it can be completely overwhelming! Find information on what students actually PAY for the college.

Bad News

News reports seem to frequently report on the sky-rocketing costs of college. While it's true that college costs are going up, that doesn't mean it will be unaffordable for your family.  You really do need to have a realistic look at the cost of college that will likely include financial aid.

→ Big tip! The sticker prices are going up, but you can still get a great deal on college if you pay attention to the college admission process.

Prices Vary

Some private colleges have more scholarships to give to students - but often public universities have finances that are tied to state governments, which won't have as much money to give away. Some colleges vow to meet all financial need for the students they accept - especially the well-endowed elite schools. Some state schools do a great job of meeting financial need, and can almost match the cost of community college.

→ Big tip! Apply to a variety of schools, (including reach, fit, and safety schools) and apply early for the best scholarships.


Paying for college is like buying a house. you can control costs by choosing your neighborhood carefully and negotiating the price. Learn more about College Admission and Scholarships


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