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How Homeschool Graduates Enlist in the Army

How Homeschool Graduates Enlist in the Army

Good news for homeschoolers who want to enlist in the army upon graduation: they can!

In the past, it may have been a detriment. Years ago homeschoolers had been put on par with high school dropouts when trying to enlist with the army, and a GED® was required. Why? Because the best predictor of a student's likelihood of adapting to the military is a traditional high school diploma. Now enlistment parameters have changed.

Today homeschoolers are considered "Tier 1" recruits, on par with their public schooled peers. Many students who have had an alternative education have been found to be successful in the military.

 "I joined the Army National Guard as a junior in high school. I was seventeen. And I was, you guessed it, homeschooled! The recruiters I worked with couldn’t believe that I was self-motivated, which comes naturally after being homeschooled; I was able to fill out paperwork correctly and in a timely manner. And most of all, they couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to pass a background check. I qualified for a Top Secret security clearance (which due to medical issues, I never ended up using). I had never done marijuana, been convicted of a felony, and was able to provide every reference they asked for. Weird, right? My homeschool education ABSOLUTELY prepared me to pass the ASVAB with an extremely high score, and I was offered a job designation in the field that I wanted (intelligence). I had to laugh, though, because my scores also qualified me for a mechanic position; I am the least mechanically-minded person I know! If your child is called to serve this great country, please know that being homeschooled might just make him an excellent candidate."   - Laura

 According to the website, homeschoolers...

 Must possess a home-school diploma and submit transcripts at the time of enlistment. The course work must involve parental supervision, the transcript must reflect the normal credit hours per subject used in a traditional high school and the diploma must be issued in compliance with applicable state laws.

Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The Armed Forces Qualification Test score from the ASVAB will determine enlistment eligibility.

Must take the Assessment of Individual Motivation test, which is 20-minute pencil and paper test. The AIM test score is used to obtain data and does not affect qualification for enlistment.

At a minimum, the last academic year (9 months) must be completed in a home-school environment.

The Army also offers enlistment cash bonuses to homeschool graduates, providing they score high enough. They get the same incentives as traditional high school graduates, including up to $40,000 for enlistments lasting three years or more.

Scoring well on the ASVAB test is important. Look up practice tests on the internet, or have your child take classes to prepare for the test at a local center.

If your child is thinking of joining the military upon high school graduation, you may want to consider applying to a military academy, or applying for ROTC scholarships in college. Homeschoolers can be eligible for these opportunities as well. Read this homeschooler's success! Military Academy and ROTC Scholarship Success.

The sky’s the limit!


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