Alternatives to College

Not everyone wants to go to college! While college preparation is useful for every student whether or not they attend college, that doesn't mean ...

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Military Prep in High School

Military Prep in High School Let's be honest - there are some kids that would LOVE to serve our country, and want to start TODAY. There are some ways you can encourage that delight directed learning and vocational calling while they are still homeschooling. Each branch of the military has a high school experience, so see what is available in your area. All of these programs emphasize life skills valuable for every student. Students can gain...

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Air Force Academy: Hard Work and High Stats

The Air Force Academy just released the stats for the class of 2017 and if you are thinking about any of the military academies, this information can be useful.Schools provide information on test scores, so you can estimate how likely you are to get in.  Usually they provide a range of scores, that shows you where MOST applicants scored.  Then they show you a single test scores which shows you the most COMMON test score.   This...

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High School Activities for a Military Career

High School Activities for a Military Career

To decide if your child might be interested in the military, consider finding a high school group that funnels into the military, so your child can tr...

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Living Overseas? How to Plan a College Visit

I have so many military and missionary members and subscribers, sometimes I feel like I travel the globe as I talk to people.  It's so fun! I often get questions about how my military and missionary friends can plan for college visits.When homeschoolers live overseas, make the best use of your breaks in the US.  Visit colleges, as many as you can, during your visits back to the US. For overseas families, try to find colleges that...

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Living in Spain + Exploring Europe = Homeschool High School Credit

How glamorous is your life?   Military life overseas isn't always a piece of cake, but it certainly does have some benefits! April had a question about translating life in Spain into a high school level class.Dear Lee,Thank you for your Comprehensive Records program, it is exactly what I've been looking for!  I am already enjoying the Silver membership too.   We are military and live in Spain.  We've had the opportunity to travel here in Spain.  We've...

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Tips for Military Academies

Military academies.  The easy part about getting in is being a homeschooler.  The hard part about getting in is everything else. The military academy candidates for admission must receive a nomination, usually from a congressman.  When was the last time you spoke to your representative?   Sally and I were speaking about her son's application to a military academy, and she has confirmed their admission requirements again.The things you have suggested are right on for what we...

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