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Homeschool Encouragement from Another Mother

Need some encouragement as you are facing high school for the first time? One of my online friends knows exactly what it's like to consider high school for the first time.  Here is what she wrote:

In our homeschool co-op we have a few children graduate each year. We have about 40 local families and the kids range from preschool all the way to older teens – and graduated teens that still love to hang out with our teens on “teen night”. It’s a pretty tight knit group and the children have all formed amazing bonds over the years. I always cry at the graduation ceremonies when the high school kids get honored by their parents. With an almost 14 and 12 year old, I know my turn is coming soon.

HIGH SCHOOL! I never thought I’d be here with these ‘babies’ of mine. Seems like just five years ago when I started blogging they were so little… and they were. Five years goes fast. Faster than you’ll ever imagine. Cherish it!

With my kids at the cusp of beginning High School, my attention has been turned to their future plans. I have so many questions about keeping records, grading, classes or subjects we need to cover in these last (GULP) few years, their hopes and dreams, our financial contribution towards their goals, and the requirements of colleges they might want to attend. Thankfully, I know Lee Binz from the Heart of the Matter Conferences where we both did online conference sessions – and I knew that she could answer a lot of my questions. I figured there were other moms out there who were in the same shape as me – preparing for the high school or college years and biting their nails to the quick… so I asked Lee if she would let me share excerpts from one of her articles here at the Homeschool Post for ME and for you!

You can read it here: High School and College ~ The Big Homeschool Transition

Thank you, SprittiBee for writing this wonderful encouraging article! I'm sure it will help calm some nerves out there!

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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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