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Deciding on SAT Subject Tests

Please note that as of January 2021, The College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® essay.


The SAT Subject Tests are required by SOME colleges, but not all. So here is what you need to do:
1. Find out what colleges you are applying to (or the college you *may* apply to)
2. Find out what tests they require for admission
3. Take the tests if they require them.

Virtually ALL colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT test.  Not all colleges require SAT Subject tests.  Fewer still will require AP Exams.  No colleges *require* CLEP tests, but some will *accept* them, to strengthen your college application.

You only NEED to take the tests that you college requires.  Of course, the problem is knowing which college you may want to apply to....  Try to look up the colleges where you are sure she will apply (you don't have to be sure she will go there) and a few that she *might* apply to as well.  See what they require for admission.

If one or more of her colleges require SAT Subject tests, that's a good reason to take some :)  You take those tests in a certain subject (like American History) to prove she knows the material.  It's a good idea to take a test in each general area of study: Math, English, History, Science, and Foreign Language. You take those tests after finishing the specific area being studied.   If a college tells you they want 2 subject tests, take the 2 test you will do the best in, with the subject you enjoy the most.

You can find out more about the tests here:  SAT Subject Tests.  It will tell you the tests that are offered, and how to register.

I hope that helps!

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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