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Colleges - Homeschool Friendly or Homeschool Fussy?

Colleges - Homeschool Friendly or Homeschool Fussy?

Colleges love homeschoolers! Look for ways colleges target advertising to you and your student. Look in homeschool magazines and around homeschool conventions. You'll be sure to find a homeschool friendly college that would love to have your child on campus. I see more and more homeschool friendly colleges all the time. It's rare to find a college that puts up a barrier for homeschoolers, as home education becomes more mainstream and popular.

LeTourneau University is a great example of a homeschool friendly college. Almost one-fifth of their current student body were homeschooled in high school. Many of the faculty and staff homeschool their own children. They are so welcoming that they even have special perks for homeschoolers. Their special Homeschool Endowed Scholarship requires at least three years of homeschooling high school, including senior year. Your child doesn't have to be captain of the football team or valedictorian of the local high school. Only homeschoolers are eligible.

A homeschool friendly college accepts home education. They value your child's academic achievements, but equally value the qualities of hard work and moral excellence. Homeschool friendly colleges respect your homeschool records , and understand that the parent can provide a diploma. Some colleges are less than understanding, though, and need some encouragement.

You are the high school and you provide the official transcript. Not everyone in an admission office understands homeschooling, so here are some tips for approaching them.

State the Obvious

You can state the obvious, and simply say "Here is the transcript." Sometimes you can explain, "We are a homeschool, and here is our official homeschool transcript ." Other times they want proof, such as a declaration of intent to homeschool. So ask the question, and then state the obvious.

Explain Your Homeschool Legally

To show your child's transcript is real, include "Official Transcript" at the top. Claim your rights under your local homeschool law, and create an official document.

Change College Admission Policies

You can make the change happen by being assertive and asking for change. Simply asking a college to change their policy might create a better situation for your child – and for all other homeschoolers as well.

Find a Homeschool Friendly College

A homeschool friendly college treats a homeschool applicant the same as a public school applicant. They require your child to take the exact same tests as any other student, without requiring more. Some colleges say they are homeschool friendly, when in reality they have "hoops" homeschoolers have to jump through.

Find the Perfect Fit

Look for a college that has the same views on education as you do. I looked for a college that was student-directed, delight-driven, and always challenging, but never completely overwhelming.

Read my entire article about colleges that are Homeschool Friendly or Homeschool Fussy.

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