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College Coach for $70,000 - Seriously?!

 Have you ever considered hiring a college coach? 

In 2017, the average cost to hire a college coach was between $4000 and $6000. And some cost more... much more! Avery was taken aback when she saw a college admission coach advertising services for $70,000. Most homeschoolers don't have that kind of money. Which is why Avery was so shocked.  

College Coach for $70,000 - seriously?!

I reached out to some private college counselors because I wanted to see what options existed for helping us prepare for the admissions process.

Gulp - the prices range from $25k - $70k for private college advising for sophomore year - to high school graduation. I am speechless, and to make matters worse, they do not allow for refunds if you do not find their services helpful.

Do you think it is necessary to hire outside consultants for guiding the college application process? I have learned so much from our work together, but it is focused on our role as parent educators, not the college application process, per se.

Interested in your thoughts!
Kind Regards,
Avery in Oregon

As I told Avery, I was TOTALLY skeptical of college coaches myself, which is why I don't encourage homeschoolers to use them. I can actually help, just as a college coach would, and at just a fraction of the cost. I saw that problem and tried to solve it for homeschoolers.

My alternative is the College Launch Solution. It is my online package that allows you to customize whether or not you have a private coach or just get the resources to help you launch your child into college and life.

College coaches don't really understand homeschooling, so part of the issue is that they can't provide homeschool-specific tips, like creating comprehensive homeschool records. I have a class about that, too.... but they are a big part of how homeschoolers demonstrate the rigor of their classes. 

College coaches don't understand that homeschool parents know how to guide and motivate their children (as much as anyone can ... kids always lack SOME guidance and motivation!) For that reason, generally speaking, we don't need someone else to tell our kids what to do and when. We are used to being the ones to do that.

  • We help our children at every level
  • We talk them through the applications step by step
  • We can guide them to create a wonderful application process
  • We can mentor our children every step of the way

Homeschool parents should be able to get the kind of college admission and scholarship training, support, and encouragement that will enable your teen to achieve their dreams, without the outrageous price tag. That's why we created the College Launch Solution. It will teach you everything you need to position your high school student to receive the best possible admission and scholarship awards, and then help them succeed throughout college and into their career. And all at a very homeschool friendly price!

You don't need to hire a coach - the College Launch Solution will train and mentor you on how to be your child's best coach. We set the price at only 10% of the national average cost for a 2-year contract with a professional college coach. And the optional personal coaching available in the College Launch Solution works out to about 1/3 of the average hourly rate for a freelance college coach. Plus it has a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, so if you buy it and it's just not a good fit, you're not stuck.

Why don't you peek inside, and just take a look? The links won't work for you, but at least you'll be able to visualize what it's like, and get a feel of how it works. Peek inside the College Launch Solution Here

I understand it's hard to make these kinds of decisions alone. If you'd like something to print, so you can discuss it with your spouse, you can read about all the details here. What's In The College Launch Solution

You don't need to choose between working blindly or spending thousands you don't have. The College Launch Solution will give you the right amount of help for a fraction of the cost. That's why we call the College Launch Solution, "affordable college coaching for the rest of us."

I describe the College Launch Solution more fully at the very end of this 1 hour free workshop: How to Be Your Child's Best College Coach.

I love to help, so be sure to comment below with your questions!

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