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College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests® and SAT® Essay

As of 2021, the College Board made two immediate changes that affect high school testing.

1. The College Board will no longer offer SAT Subject Tests®.

2. The College Board will no longer offer the essay portion of the SAT® Test. 

What does this mean to you?

1. Some colleges will still want some outside documentation.

High schools have always relied on tests for outside documentation, but there are other options. Instead, homeschool students can become involved in activities that will provide great letters of recommendation: work, social or group involvement, or from a class instructor or dual enrollment professor. Excellent homeschool records will also help when you include a professional and accurate transcript, thorough course descriptions, a reading list and an activity list. Finally, an interview, performance, or competition will also demonstrate a skill or ability to perform college-level work. Learn more about how to Supersize Scholarships with Outside Documentation.

2. Some colleges may want additional tests.

Hopefully it will mean that colleges will rely more on a holistic assessment of college-bound students, and look beyond tests. But for some universities, there will continue to be an emphasis on subject tests. AP® Tests and CLEP® exams may increase admission chances and decrease college costs. Read more in the free eBook: College Credit in High School 

3. All students benefit from essay-writing skills.

While the SAT® had limited value, learning the skill of writing an essay will always be useful. I still recommend regular, timed, short essay-writing practice once a week toward the end of high school. Quick essays skills are literally the ONLY thing both of my children came home to say "thank you" for teaching them. That didn't happen with Latin, logic, history or calculus. Nope. They thanked me for the timed essay practice - you know, that subject they so loathed at the time, when they were actually homeschooling. So yes, I still recommend that you teach quick essay skills, even if it's not required for the SAT®. Read Help for Homeschool Essay Writing.

4. There are other testing options.

If the SAT® is not a good test for your student, look at the ACT® or CLT as an alternative. Both are standardized college admission exams for high school students. The ACT® is commonly given at public and private high schools across the country, and as of today it continues to include an essay portion to the test. The CLT is a new test that is less well-known, and it does not have an essay portion. For complete updated information, take my free class High School Testing Simply Explained. 

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