Labor Day Watermelon Party

Labor day is a great time to try some of these recipes I found on Pinterest!On the 4th of July, I made the Flag Cake!  To continue with the Americana theme I also made white chocolate filled raspberries and red, white and blue strawberries.  Of course I had to make brownies too, who doesn't love a good brownie? It was so fun!   For labor day, I'm thinking about a watermelon theme.This cake looks a little too vibrant, but how...

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Homeschool Convention Speaker Review

Homeschool Convention Speaker Review

I would love to speak at your local homeschool convention! I try to provide helpful, concrete information in an upbeat way.  My job is to re...

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Oregon Christian Home Education Conference: Continuing Education for Homeschool Parents!

In many states nurses, doctors, and other professionals are required to take a certain amount of continuing education courses each year. They need to stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends. Homeschooling parents have a similar need for continuing education. Soon it will be homeschool convention time, and I encourage you to put them on your calendar now! If you don’t have a convention in your state, go to a neighboring state. Conventions can show...

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Update: Children Grow Up and Leave Home

People have been asking me for an update on my kids.  My boys are all grown up - they are men now and not boys anymore.  I could give you an update, but really, I want to give you more of a warning. Children grow up. They leave home. They stop leaving messes.The other day my kids came over.  I needed an excuse to make cookies, but I also made them dinner and we all watched a movie together.  It...

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My Husband LOVED These Audio Stories

With any curriculum, it's the FIT with the child that is the most important consideration. No matter how wonderful a curriculum might be, it has to be interesting and engaging, so the child can learn.  I have to say, this new curriculum was a great fit for me and my husband, and we learned a lot from it. I was thrilled to be able to look over Diana Waring's new addition to history, called "History Revealed,...

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Whining About Work

This is me when I need to write more blog posts. Haha! OK, not really, I don't actually cry like a baby.  But yup, I sometimes complain and whine when faced with work. Now it's your turn.  Have you even thought unhappy thoughts when you had to cook dinner? Again. Every. Night. Over. And. Over. Or have you ever felt inconsolable when faced with paying bills? That never ending, constant, and recurring torment.So is it surprising...

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Words I Hate

There are certain words I hate.  They don't seem to be important for homeschooling.  Although I know it can be useful for some people, many of these words have their roots in public schools. rubricliterary analysisumbrella organizationaccountabilitybenchmarkcredentialinclusivenorm or normativesocializationalternative educationaccreditationparent-partnershipcertifiedapprovedIn fact, to me some words just scream "Certified teacher!  Lookout!"  Some things are useful - even important - with public school children or in a brick and mortar school.  That doesn't mean they are words that...

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Convention "must-haves" list

Michele was kind enough to send me a note about how my book Setting the Records Straight has encouraged her in the last year.  She met me at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last year. I already have the "Setting the Records Straight" book (and love your fun photos), but I can pass the coupon along to someone else.  I've talked other homeschoolers into buying this book for themselves, and actually a few other parents...

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