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Better than an iPad?

better than an ipad

Better than an iPad?

It's funny how kids think. A homeschooled student received big scholarships and her little brother is only excited because she is getting an iPad along with her 4 years of full tuition, plus $5,000 a year for housing! Because that's a big deal, right?

Check out this letter from Lin. I have linked to the resources she references, in case you find something you need to check out.
Thanks for all the help-Big Scholarship $ just came in

Dear Lee,

I have been following you for almost 8 years now--since my oldest child was in middle school. I've purchased programs from you, read your newsletters and blog posts, and attended numerous online workshops and the occasional transcript-making pajama party. I am now getting ready to graduate my third child from my homeschool.

Each of my first three children has taken a different path to "What's Next." Thanks to your helpful advice, I have felt well equipped to assist each of them to move forward in their own personal goals.

Child #1 Goal: College as quickly and cheaply as possible so she could get on with what she really wanted to be doing (writing). Applied for (and won) community scholarships using academic records I created using the Total Transcript Solution, CLEP'd and AP'd like mad, and College Plus.

Child #2 Goal: Bible College. We visited them early and in person (based on your advice to) and quickly eliminated several that had looked good on paper. He's now at one he loves, partially paid for with community scholarships he won (see sister's story above).

Child #3 Goal: getting advanced foreign language training (ah, delight directed learning) that wasn't available in my small, rural community led to dual enrollment at age 15 (largely online, and with a heads-up about the possible adult nature of the environment). Thanks to what I had learned from you (stuff in middle school might count for high school too--keep track), when she surprised me with this decision, I was able to pull together records indicating her junior status (a year earlier than I had planned), and get her into the program.

Child #3 will be finishing her AA this spring. Following your advice, we were on top of SAT tests the previous year, and applying to universities early last fall. This week, she got a letter indicating the college of her choice was awarding her its highest scholarship: 4-years full tuition, plus $5,000 a year for housing, plus (as her little brother keeps pointing out) an iPad.

Thank you for being such a large part of our success. Three down, one to go! May God continue to bless your efforts, Lin

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Better than an iPad

Keep on, keeping on parents! It does take some effort to learn how to do your job, and it can seem like your children are an ever-moving target at times. This is a long, hard job, but one day you'll reap the rewards!





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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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