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AP Scores Now or Later?

Already getting ready for AP testing? Here is a little discussion on sending score that may be helpful for you!

It's hard to decide if you should send AP scores to a university right away, or wait until you see them first.

You can do it either way. I think it's an individual decision.

I suggest that if you are CERTAIN that your child will get a 5, then sending it to the college will make sense.  Even if they have a really bad day, they are still likely get a 4, which is not so bad. I have seen others that collect their AP scores and send them all in separately.

Quick review: AP scores are 5 = perfect, 4 = OK, 3 = passing.  Scores can be "canceled" and removed from the College Board record - deleted forever - for a small fee.  You can also "withhold" your score and wait until you see it before making a decision.

But I know parents often like black or white answers, so let me try to give some general boundaries for your decision.

    • If money is a big deal - then submitting scores with each test may be cheaper.


    • If the university is "normal" rather than "extremely selective" then submitting ANY AP scores is good, so submit them with each test.


    • If the university is "Ivy League-Like" then it makes more sense to see scores first and then submit them when you are sure they are good enough.


    • If your child is a senior, colleges need those scores "now" so submitting them right away can make more sense.

You can find more information here: AP Score Reporting Services

What is your experience with AP scores?

As you wrap up your homeschool planning, let me help you finish strong.

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Thursday, 01 December 2022

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