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This Book is So Much Fun! The Homeschool Experiment Review

Well that was the most fun I've had in a LONG time!  I just finished reading The Homeschool Experiment, a novel by Charity Hawkins, and it was REALLY fun to read!

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This Book is So Much Fun!

This Book is So Much Fun! The Homeschool Experiment Review

The Homeschool Experiment Review

I feel like I've been in so many of those conversations and situations, and it's a lot more fun to read about them than it is to live them! Remember how you thought, "Some day I'll look back at this and laugh?" This is the book that will make you do that!

The Homeschool Experiment, a novel by Charity Hawkins was recommended to me by Todd Wilson, of Familyman Ministries. I figured since Todd is so hilarious, this book must be funny too, and boy was I right! There were parts of the book that were so much like me, I wrote down the pages, so I could show you.

Have you met this mother? (This is from page 40)
"We don't let her have pizza yet, so I got some tofu and baby food. I usually hate to buy baby food, but what are you going to do? she says, laughing."
"Indeed. I hate that store-bought baby food too. Which is why we feed our baby pizza."

Or have you felt this way about your little children when you took them to a fancy place?  (This is from page 64)
"The thing about small children is - there is such tremendous potential for disaster. They can poop, throw up, have a temper tantrum, run into people, and break things with no malice and virtually no warning. The best thing, I've learned, is to stay as far away from polite society as possible."

Have you watched your child do crazy things and thought something like this? (This comes from page 119)
"Hey, I know - I'll start running full-tilt and go smack myself into the wall so I can say 'Ooof!' and ooze to the floor in mock pain? No, no I have not."

I love how this book is all about being a parent, much more than it's about being a homeschool parent. The author is so honest, non-judgmental, and FUNNY about all the daily trials and tribulations of motherhood.

The Homeschool Experiment is a fun book! I recommend it for all homeschooling parents, parents, and married couples considering becoming parents. For that matter, I think it would be great for new grandmothers to read, just so they can remember "the good old days" and how tiring it was. This book is awesome!

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Guest - Elisabeth on Tuesday, 09 June 2015 10:26

I enjoyed this book too!

I enjoyed this book too! :)
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Friday, 05 March 2021

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