Flu is Everywhere so Plan Ahead!

Have you been hearing in the news that it's a bad flu year?  I'm just getting over it myself! They are saying that this is one of the worst flu seasons in years.  As a nurse, I can't help but urge you to be prepared.  When you are faced with flu season, please plan ahead for your homeschool!

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Plan ahead!
Do you have Tylenol on hand?  Make sure you have chicken noodle soup, lots of juices available, and saltine crackers.  Stock up on medications you normally take for flu, but especially asthma inhalers if anyone in your family has asthma. (My son has asthma, so that's near and dear to my heart!)  Are there some educational movies or videos the kids could watch if they get to sick to really do school?

Be prepared!
I had the flu for the last week and it was miserable.  My poor husband was really struggling to feed himself while I was down for the count.  So I suppose I should also suggest that you have some incredibly easy to prepare meals ready to go, too, in case it's YOU that gets hit by the bug.

Avoid feeling sick!
Remember to wash your hands to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Prevention is always easier than a cure!

 Now that I think about it, this is remarkably like planning for college admission!  Isn't that interesting?  You can take that same "planning ahead" lesson and apply it to homeschooling high school. 

Plan ahead!
Provide college preparation for your homeschooler, so if they decide to go to college they will be prepared to enter the university.

Be prepared!
Have your transcript ready to go each year of high school.  You will need it for lots of things like summer camps, car insurance, and college applications.  Keep that up to date!

Avoid feeling sick!
Pay attention to homeschooling high school, so you aren't caught off guard by SAT Tests, or application deadlines during senior year.

And no, I'm not really saying that going to college is like getting the flu....  but you can prepare for it!  Now go out there and check your medicine cabinet and freezer, so you're ready!

I'm done with the nurse lecture now, LOL!  Have a great day!

-Lee Binz, RN

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Monday, 25 October 2021

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