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Normal Family and Big Scholarships!

Suppose your best friend's child received huge scholarships from college. What would you do? I can tell you what I would do! I would try to figure out how they managed it, and then I'd imitate their success!


I'm going to introduce you to a normal homeschool family. Naturally they are unique and special with their own strengths that you and I can only dream of! But in reality, this is also a very normal family, just like our own family. Together, let's look at how they got such great scholarships, so we can do it too! You can discover lessons learned from a "normal" family like yours.

There are many different ways to save for college. One way is to put aside money each month and watch it grow in the bank. Another way is to work hard to create great academic records that will get noticed by colleges. When you have that "Wow!" factor, and a college's scholarship office describes your homeschool records as "one of the very best scholarship entries ever seen," your hard work will truly be worth the time and effort!

Michele is a homeschool parent like you. Like you, her life is busy and complicated, and her children are not perfect. She is a normal parent with normal children. She also has experienced a huge success. I'll bet you would like to know how Michele did it!

Here is Michelle's Story, and I'd like you to read her whole letter. She really wanted me to share it with you, and I can see why! It's filled with helpful hints and the voice of experience.

Read the complete article online for helpful hints and the voice of experience. At the end, I'll give you my ideas on finding big scholarships for YOUR normal family!

Read Normal Family and Big Scholarships



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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