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Keep a High School Notebook + Thankfulness

keep a high school notebook

Keep a High School Notebook + Thankfulness

I'm so thankful when people express thankfulness! It's such an encouragement!

Laura was working with me through the Gold Care Club and told me how thankful she is for her "Lee Notebook." She fills it with all the handouts, worksheets, and notes from all the classes she has taken with me. She always keeps this notebook handy for reference. Check it out!

keep a high school notebook

Last week, after her 20-minute consultation, Laura wrote, "I have to say, investing in the Gold Care membership is the best money I've spent in homeschooling. You are so calm, matter of fact, and encouraging with the sweetest disposition. I know you've calmed me down and have eased Sarah's fears. Have a great weekend!!"

high school notebook

When we spoke again, we worked together with her daughter to get many details figured out. As usual, my suggestions came as a huge relief to an overworked homeschooled teen. Teens tend to love my advice, because I speak words of reason to parents. You know how sometimes you try so hard to provide an excellent education? Sometimes it's a tad too much, and I have to tell a mom to relax a bit. They were both so thankful, they sent me a Starbucks gift card!

high school notebook

I always tell parents to speak the love language of colleges - grades and credits. I gotta say, Laura is speaking my love language! My love language is definitely a Grande Iced Americano while taking my morning walk!

high school notebook

Find a simple high school notebook strategy to help you learn how to homeschool high school. Keep your notes, thoughts, and resources together in one place for easy access.

If you would like help, consider the Gold Care Club - one of the benefits is a 20 minute email consultation each week.

If you are a beginner and prefer working independently, consider the High School Solution, which has over 34 hours of training videos - all with handouts or workbooks, plus articles.

high school notebook


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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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