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High School Record Keeping Simply Explained

Here's how to keep high school records in 5 easy steps for under $10.

You don't need an expensive system. In fact, owning a fancy system is no guarantee you will actually use it. The best high school record keeping system is simple enough to use, and doesn't cost much at all. What I suggest is so simple, you can keep records for your whole family for just a few dollars! Don't know what kind of organizer you are? Check out my article, Homeschool Reord Keeping and find out if you fit into the tubbies, cubbies, or binder queens area. 

Do you need help figuring high school record keeping? Consider purchasing my Comprehensive Record System. It is set up to help you with all of the documents needed for college admissions.

{This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase I make a few pennies, but sadly, not enough for a latte.}

Here's how to keep is simple!

1. Collect what you need

2. Label the notebook

  • One notebook per child
  • Name and year on cover
  • Example: "Kevin 2018-2019"

3. Label the dividers

  • Transcript 
  • Test Scores 
  • Legal Requirements 
  • English 
  • Math 
  • Social Studies 
  • Science 
  • Language 
  • P.E. 
  • Fine Arts 
  • Electives
4. Add paper
  • Put one piece of paper behind each tab 
  • Write "Grades" on top
  • Each time you have a grade, put it there
  • Write notes in the margins
5. Use the system weekly or monthly
  • Note projects completed 
  • Put papers and tests or reports in each section (Do you need a 3-whole punch? suggested punch
  • Monthly, review each section to see if you have records 
  • In empty sections, do some brainstorming on evaluation

What do you keep for legal requirements for high school record keeping?

  1. Keep anything required by your state homeschool law.
  2. Keep what you will need for college admission: work samples, tests, lab reports.
  3. Keep records needed to write course descriptions.
If you'd like to read more, and see what my record keeping really looked like, as a regular homeschool mom, you may like this article, Perfect Record Keeping is Not Perfectly Kept Records.

Of course, sometimes people learn better by seeing a sample of homeschool records. Find the help you need by looking at samples on my Record Keeping Samples page. 

If you find you need more help, you can find my Coffee Break Book, Comprehensive Homeschool Records here. This short, read-in-one-sitting book will give you help you need, without having to comb through a fat book that has more information than you need. 

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