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When is the right time to learn about homeschooling high school?  I get thank you notes from parents at all stages of the process. May I suggest that you get on my newsletter list? It will help you every step of the way, whether you are learning about homeschooling high school, in the midst of it, and working through college admission and scholarships.

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The newsletter will provide once-a-month articles on the complex topics, and I try to make things as simple as possible for you. And it also has a calendar, so you know what to do at each stage of the game.  Plus is has some fun and giveaways, because I'm always trying to make you enjoy homeschooling as much as possible.  Check out the thank you notes that I have received recently! It warms my heart!

Thanks BEFORE High School
I simply want to say thank you for the help and encouragement you provide homeschoolers to plan and progress through high school into higher learning opportunities.  Though my two boys are only 6th and 7th graders, I've already benefitted from much of your material.  Just knowing you're there to turn to for advice has been an answer to prayer.  You provide the assurance and confirmation that we can make our way through these important years.  I don't know what the Lord has decided for my son's futures-- perhaps college, but you've helped me prepare for the possibility.  Have a wonderful New Year and keep pressing on! God Bless You and Yours ~ Kami

Thanks DURING High School
I just wanted to pass along a tidbit from this morning's breakfast conversation.  Megan said, "I've always appreciated homeschooling, but it wasn't until high school that I realized how great it was!"  Wow, that made my day.  It's sad when I see people giving up on homeschooling once they reach high school,  It's because of yourhelp and support that we've been able to continue. Thanks so much. ~ Ellen

Thanks AFTER High School
Your email today about a homeschooler receiving a full scholarship reminded me that I wanted to update you about my son. He also just accepted a full-ride scholarship at the University. They gave him their most prestigious scholarship, even as an out-of-state student (full-tuition, full room and board, a $1000 a year stipend for books and such, a $2000 stipend toward a summer abroad, and an ipad). Further, he also won a $3000 a year (renewable 4 years) corporate scholarship through National Merit via his dad's company.  We are thrilled and relieved beyond our humblest hopes and prayers (especially with 7 kids)!  Being debt-free will keep all of his options for the future open -- what a blessing.  Thank you for your help teaching me how to assemble a transcriptand to showcase my son's strong points.  I have the know-how and confidence now to go through this process (gulp) 6 more times (Lord, help me!). Thanks for everything ~ Cathey

Enjoy homeschooling independently all the way through high school!  You can sign up for my newsletter here.Subscribe to The HomeScholar Record

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Saturday, 28 May 2022

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