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Great Activities for Teens

The best part of homeschooling high school is engaging in fun and meaningful activities beyond academics. When not confined to a public school desk for many hours each day, children have time to discover and explore their passion!

activities for teens

High school activities are important, not only for the joy the experiences create, but also the impression they will leave with colleges and future employers.

Your list of high school activities becomes part of a comprehensive college application package, and can be included on their resume for a job search.  This will be a pretty handy list to have! There are two steps to making this perfect list with your perfectly normal children. First, you have to figure out some activities. Second, you have to put them on a list. Easy-peasy, right? Let me show you how, and give you plenty of hint and tips. I'll even share a super-long list of ideas to help you brainstorm activities for your own perhaps less-than-motivated teenager.

Your Goal: Create and Discover Activities

Not all children are naturally sociable and outgoing.  Some are naturally quiet.  If you have a child who seems to do "nothing", finding things to put on an activity list can be a big challenge! Sometimes the child isn’t shy, but may have a family situation that makes building connections difficult. Some families, like our faithful military families, move frequently. Finding new friends and new activities in different locations every few years can be difficult. Yet, colleges will still want to see an activity list. Let's consider ways to find activities, because writing "nothing" on that application is not a good option!

Read more: Learn How to Create and Discover Activities

Make sure to click through to the article, so you can grab the free printable list. This is a great way to brainstorm fun ideas for your children and profitable activities for teens!

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