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Getting it done with an Accountability Buddy!

I always enjoy getting to know my Gold Care Club members.  Some members will come and go - maybe it's a light summer month, and they have extra time for paperwork tasks.  Maybe they are taking the holidays off, and want to take some continuing education classes.  Other members join just when the pressure is intense and the need is urgent.  And some members will stay for years, methodically working on one child at a time until they task is done.  That's especially fun, because then I can REALLY get to know people, recognize their name, and look forward to a weekly phone call.  My friend Ann recently wrote to thank me!
I have SO enjoyed being a member of the Gold Care Club! I would never have been able to get my own transcripts and course descriptions done without your instruction, advice, and support. Your advice has been invaluable in helping me to create records such as I envisioned to capture the boys' high school accomplishments. And having you as my accountability buddy to keep me on track has been so helpful!

I have loved learning about homeschooling high school through your wonderful materials and webinars. As I mentioned when I first joined, I felt as if I were in a very enjoyable and captivating night school, as I watched your free videos and others I had purchased. I so appreciate your materials, services, and ministry (as that is what it is), and I am very happy to recommend you when I can.


And I wanted to tell you two things that I'm sure you will appreciate, as you helped us in both of these respects. Nate was offered a 6-month engineering co-op, and in the process of doing their background check, they decided that they needed a copy of Nate's diploma and transcript since he was homeschooled. I was so thankful that I had a very professional transcript to send to the HR department (as well as our HSLDA diploma).


Also, Ethan was awarded a full tuition scholarship for next year! Honors students who maintain a 3.5 average for two semesters get recommended for scholarship, and my perfectionist son has a 4.0 average for both his first semesters.


I love hearing about this precious family I have gotten to know so well!  And what a joy to see their success!   Ann started with her first high school student nervous too - she did it, and so can you!­

Your best strategy for keeping all those balls in the air is preparation.  The HomeScholar Gold Care Club will give you the comprehensive help you need to homeschool high school.
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Saturday, 10 June 2023

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