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Gear Up to Homeschool High School

 Facing high school?

You can anticipate fall with excitement and enthusiasm! I have planned a wonderful "Gear Up for High School" Event, September 9-13, for extra motivation. This special week-long event will calm your fears and empower you to tackle the upcoming school year.

Sign up for a freebie each day during this week-long event for parents! Give me one week of your precious time and you'll learn to homeschool high school successfully and with confidence, bolstered by facts, research, and proven keys to success.

Register for Day 1 to get a free eBook September 9th
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Register for day 2 to reserve your seat September 10th 
    Save your spot at my free workshop: The 12 Keys to Homeschool High School Success

Register for day 3 to get a free Kindle eBook September 11th 
    Get notified of my next free Kindle eBook: How to Homeschool Independently

Register for day 4 to reserve your seat September 12th
    Reserve a place at the replay Workshop: The 12 Keys to Homeschool High School Success

Register for day 5 to reserve your seat September 13th 
    Join my guest speaker's workshop: Homeschooling – How and Why it Works with Dr. Jay Wile

When you register for this event, you will receive daily emails with free downloadable resources you can use now and keep forever.

Avoid panic - learn how - get confident - stay informed - be encouraged!

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