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Finishing the Year with The Popcorn Party Plan

When it's time to finish up the school year, it can be difficult to feel done. For parents who are not completely finished with a textbook or unit of study, you may want to think outside the box in order to finish up your classes quickly—and still have time to enjoy summer!

Finish Quickly With The Popcorn Party Plan 

Instead of sweating your way through the remainder of your textbook or groaning through every single assignment, go the "quick and easy" route instead. When you are ready to pull your hair out, it's time to take action! Find some educational DVDs to finish up school. Remember, not every class in high school has to be hard. I remember that I had some high school classes that were significantly easier than others! It's reasonable to decide right now that the class has been hard enough, so you can finish up the easy way.

Can You Stop Now? Take This Summer School Quiz! 

Not everyone should stop during the summer; maybe you love year-round schooling for your family! Then again ... maybe not. Maybe YOU need to stop this summer for mental health purposes. Take the quiz below and figure out what is REALLY the best option for you and your children.

Do You NEED Summer School?

1. Are you finished with the curriculum? 75-80% means DONE!
2. Have you put in the time? 120-180 hours means DONE!
3. Is it a required core subject? If not, you can be DONE!
4. Do your kids need natural consequences, or will only YOU suffer?

The Popcorn Party Plan Will Help You Have Fun AND Finish School 

Scour the DVD section of your library, or talk to the librarian, to see what supplemental DVDs might have you address the last concepts in your textbook. Pop some corn, pop in the DVD, and you can finish up the easy way. Make it a party setting, and celebrate the joy of homeschooling that gives you this flexibility. You can find DVDs that give a synopsis of history, algebra, biology, or health. You can use movies, documentaries, or lectures on DVD. Don't worry about doing everything the hard way. If you've been doing it the hard way all year, maybe now is the time to homeschool the easy way, and just finish up so you can take a break.

Amy describes how helpful she found a flexible approach!

"These tips really helped me to keep it together throughout the high school years! #2 was a must for my son and I to stay on the same page! We also had regular reviews (quarterly) to discuss what was working or not working. Sometimes we had to make a curriculum switch mid way through, but I kept reminding my self it would be okay and my son will still learn! An example of this would be when I discovered my son didn't know place value when I began homeschooling him in 5th grade. We practiced those deep breaths, and I remember telling him it was okay...we're just going to take it from the beginning so you understand the concepts. We started with addition in 5th grade and once he grasped the concepts, he was able to quickly move at his own pace. He finished high school with calculus and is now a Math Minor in college! Often the delight-diected learning taught him more! Don't give up! If you can't get through a curriculum, reassess and find out why. Maybe there's a better fit out there. My son loves to read, and we used the Beautiful Feet Books curriculum ... but often there were just way too many books even for my avid reader to finish, yet he far exceeded the reading requirements for our local public school curriculum. We ended up splitting up our American History/Literature curriculum into 2 years, and it proved to be the best decision, as we were able to take our time reading the books, taking field trips and immersing in all we could learn about the subject. Remember it's not a race! If I could go back in time, I would have reminded myself of Lee's tips more often" ~ Amy E.

Interested? Read more summer ideas in my Coffee Break Book: Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool This Summer

There's more in my book review below!

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