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8 Tips for Buying Homeschool Curriculum

I know it's time to buy your curriculum, so let me give you a few quick pointers, for buying homeschool curriculum.

 {This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy, I make a few pennies, but sadly, not enough for a latte.}

Shop wisely this year using these key strategies for success in finding your homeschool curriculum!

  1. Plan the classes that you need to cover first, so you don't get distracted by the pretty pictures.
  2. Invest in your child's weak areas first – they'll always learn when they love the subject, so the weak areas are the most critical to spend your money on.
  3. Invest in core classes first, then start shopping for electives and optional classes.
  4. Choose curriculum intended for homeschoolers so that it assumes you know nothing about the subject. Be sure the curriculum will teach the student.
  5. Use tried and true products because the "latest and greatest" might just be a flash-in-the-pan fad.
  6. As teens get older, place more emphasis on what fits the student instead of what fits your learning style, because you'll be teaching less as the years go on.
  7. "Fit" is more important that "fabulous" because kids will learn more from a curriculum that fits them and will learn less from a top-rated program if it's a terrible fit for their learning style.
  8. Find at least one fun, encouraging, delight-directed class each year to make your homeschool run more smoothly. It makes life easier for parents, more fun for teens, and colleges love the uniqueness of specialization.

Quickly and easily find the top homeschool curriculum on Amazon.

I've collected the top homeschool products, curriculum, and supplements used by real homeschool parents like you! One quick click and you can easily find resources for english, math, social studies, science, PE, electives, fine arts, and more. You'll find suggestions for textbooks, supplements, and just for fun finds thrown in!

If you're feeling befuddled and tired of buying curriculum that just winds up on a shelf, try this short and sweet book. It will have you up to speed quickly!

Do you have a "Curriculum Hall of Shame?" You know … it's on the bookshelf hidden in the corner that chronicles your every half-baked idea and ill-conceived plan. Ours was filled with fashionable failures, multi-volume mismatches, and loathsome lesson plans. What if I told you there is a way to avoid all these misadventures and to ensure that each curriculum choice you make and every dollar you invest will bring a fruitful return? Well, I won't tell you that, because that would be a HUGE lie. I can tell you that there are ways to minimize your risks and maximize your chances for successful results. This book will show you how to avoid the most common crummy curriculum traps.

These products I'm suggesting have been used by me, my staff, or my customers with great success. Think I'm missing something? Comment below and make a suggestion. I'll check it out!

Happy Shopping!

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