Apologia Science is Great College Preparation

Apologia Science is Great College Preparation This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte.img class="aligncenter wp-image-14863" alt="Apologia Science" src="" width="553" height="414" Apologia Science is a very rigorous college preparation series. I don't usually recommend specific curriculum because I know it's more about how it fits your child than the textbook or curriculum itself. When it comes to science, though, we had such...

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Games Across the Curriculum: Christmas Gift Suggestions

    Homeschooling is more fun for MANY reasons, but one reason it that we can play games instead of use curriculum.  Here are some great ideas you can give as Christmas gifts. Then in January you can incorporate games across all subject areas! In my homeschool, we scheduled a few hours every Friday just to play games. Sometimes they loved the games (Diplomacy!) and other times they tolerated the games (any Art game) but they...

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Changing Curriculum - Don't Start from the Beginning

Changing Curriculum - Don't Start from the Beginning One problem I sometimes see is parents who repeatedly start over every time they buy new curriculum. That's what I want you to avoid. Instead, keep your focus on "challenging, not overwhelming." Their work shouldn't be boring, and they should be actively learning, but the work should also be easy enough so they can be successful - and not in over their head.If you have needed to start...

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How Do You Say Curriculum? Curricula or Curriculum

How Do You Say Curriculum? Curricula or Curriculum I pride myself on writing the way that I talk, to make my books approachable and easy to understand. I figure the less you work to read my books, the more information you will learn. I know parents have different learning styles, and like to learn in different ways, so I try to provide books, videos, and social-interaction services that will fit everyone's learning style. But to do...

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8 Tips for Buying Homeschool Curriculum

I know it's time to buy your curriculum, so let me give you a few quick pointers, for buying homeschool curriculum.  {This post contains affiliat...

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How Do You Know it's High School Level?

How Do You Know it's High School Level? Homeschool students have the wonderful freedom to study a huge variety of different topics, going way beyond the usual high school subjects. My oldest son studied Russian history, and I know other students who’ve studied ornithology, bluegrass music, and U.S. government revenue generation policies! The question many parents wonder about is, "How do you know it's high school level?" How do you determine whether the work your student...

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Including Online Classes

Many homeschool students are taking online classes these days, either to supplement or cover all their coursework. If your child is one of them, I encourage you to remember that online classes are great TOOLS you can use in your homeschool, but they can easily become an unpleasant taskmaster.  Including Online Classes Think carefully before you cede your authority as a home school parent to another person or institution, and be aware of the potential constraints...

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My Top Pick for New and Struggling Homeschoolers

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy I may make a few pennies, but not enough for a latte. Curriculum for New and Struggling Homeschoolers You know what? I blame Cathy Duffy for my homeschool success, I truly do! She has been such an awesome resource for new and struggling homeschoolers for as long as I can remember. I strongly encourage you to have a copy of her Top Picks for your homeschool library and...

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Is My Curriculum Rigorous Enough?

Is My Curriculum Rigorous Enough? Are you concerned that your curriculum may not be rigorous enough? Click on Lee's video below to learn how to tell your curriculum is rigorous enough for high school!How did you choose your high school curriculum? What's your favorite curriculum? Please share! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new videos on homeschool high school topics!Looking for help with high school courses? Check out the Planning High School...

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Will Changing Curriculum Mess Up My Kids?

Is your curriculum just not working? Is everyone miserable and learning just isn't fun anymore, but you're worried about changing curriculum mid-year? Click on the video below for a stress free way to change up your curriculum when it just isn't working!Do you have concerns about changing your curriculum? Have you ever changed your curriculum mid-year? Let me know in the comments below! Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will be notified when I create new...

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The Great Courses: Honors, or Just High School Credit?

Homeschoolers use lots of different resources, and one of the ones I’ve recommended in the past are The Great Courses.  With choices in science, mathematics, business and economics (just to name a few), many homeschoolers are utilizing these classes.  Parents have asked me whether the Great Courses should be considered AP Honor’s classes or high school level, but it really depends on how you utilize them. Obviously, the high school courses they offer are high school...

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Keys to Choosing High School Curriculum Part 2

 Always at Their LevelAs you choose curriculum for your high school student, it’s important to always teach them at their level, for every subject, all the time. One of the reasons why public schools and classroom settings have such a hard time educating kids is that they look at a student’s age and then put them in an age-based course with no regard to ability. Just because your child is 14 or 15 does not mean...

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Living Books for Homeschool College Preparation

Cori and I chatted about literature-based curriculum, and she had a follow up question about using living books. Lee, you wrote: "We used a literature based curriculum for high school, and my children read TONS of books in high school.   What does literature-based learning look like in the REAL world, where parents are faced with the demands of homeschooling, housework, and household economics?"   Where should I look to find out exactly how you did this please? ...

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Homeschool Science - Choosing Curriculum

Not everyone loves Apologia.  I always encourage parents to use what works for their student, because not all children learn the same way.  It's more important that a curriculum WORKS than if it is popular, inexpensive, or highly rated. I'm hoping you can help me.......this is my first year to homeschool a high school student. My daughter is now in "9th grade" and I am completely lost with regards to science. I am not into science,...

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