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Updated: October 2018
By Lee Binz
The HomeScholar

Homeschooling Within the Law: What you Don't Know Might Hurt You!

Have you followed the news articles from other countries, where homeschoolers have been jailed or had their children taken away just because they homeschool? We are fortunate here in North America, because homeschooling is completely legal in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Still, new homeschoolers can be confused by state law, or immobilized by fears of regulations. Beginners will ask “Where do I get the curriculum?” or “Where do I join Home School?” And yet there is no single curriculum, or a single “school” that homeschoolers must join. In order to begin homeschooling, you need to know the laws that apply, and then work to educate your children.

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The first step in homeschooling is to check your local homeschool laws.

State laws vary, but each state will allow parents to educate their children at home, in a way that will uniquely fit the family and the child. State law may provide general guidance or requirements, but it’s always the parent who can choose the particulars. We can choose the methods and curriculum to perfectly fit our children and situation.

The second step of homeschooling is to recognize the limitation of laws.

Many laws are written specifically for public school students. These laws do not apply to private schools or homeschools. Frequently, homeschoolers do not have to follow the law for public school children, any more than private school students must comply with laws meant for other organizations. We need to understand and comply with the law for homeschoolers. Look up your state, province, or territory's homeschool law, using the list below.

As you are reading the law, remember what it does not say. Searching for the law that applies to “high school” may not give you the information you need. The public school law may be reported in the newspaper, but that doesn't mean it applies to you. And even though it may specify requirements for public school graduation, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a quality education. Always keep in mind when looking over laws and educational requirements for your area, that public high school requirements are not usually enough for college admission. Many homeschoolers exceed the expectation of public schools, because they are invested in the academic success of their children.

The third step of homeschooling is to determine what works for your family.

I encourage you to look toward college requirements, not high school requirements, to make sure you are prepared for anything. Along with checking out your local homeschool law, peruse websites of those universities your child is considering before they get to senior year, so you're not surprised by admission requirements!

Find a curriculum that fits, and use whatever methods will help your child learn. Do what is best for your child, based on the knowledge you have gleaned. If you have made a sudden switch to homeschooling, recognize that it can take some time to find a good curriculum fit. In the meantime, visit a library and get some great books from a College Bound Reading List and have your child write a daily journal. Watch educational videos, like Ken Burn’s Civil War. That should give you enough time to research and order the appropriate homeschool curriculum for your family.

Find Your Homeschool Law

I encourage you to follow your local homeschool law. This will allow maximum flexibility after high school. We have put together a handy dandy list of links for laws all across North America for you!

Know Your State #Homeschool Law @TheHomeScholarUnited States Homeschool Laws by State

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Legal Requirements -
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Georgia Homeschool Law -
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Idaho Homeschool Laws -
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Kentucky Education Code For Homeschooling -
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Louisiana Education Code For Homeschooling -
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Maine Education Code For Homeschooling -
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Maryland Education Code For Homeschooling -
Maryland State Law Information - HSLDA

Homeschool Guidelines at a Glance -
Official Requirements -
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Home Education Options Under Michigan Law -
Michigan Education Code For Homeschooling -
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Minnesota Homeschooling Laws and Forms -
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Mississippi Laws Regarding Homeschooling -
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Missouri Law -
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Montana's Homeschool Law -
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Nebraska Homeschool Laws -
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Nevada Homeschooling Laws -
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New Hampshire
Legal Requirements -
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Know Your State #Homeschool Law @TheHomeScholarNew Jersey
Getting Started with Homeschooling -
New Jersey Education Code For Homeschooling -
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New Mexico
New Mexico Education Code For Homeschooling -
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New York
New York State Homeschooling Regulations -
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North Carolina
Law & Government Relations -
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North Dakota
North Dakota Home Education Law -
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Ohio Home Education Law - Ohio Laws and Rules
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Oklahoma Law Affecting Home Education -
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Complying with Oregon Laws -
Summary of Homeschool Law -
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Homeschooling in PA -
Homeschooling in Pennsylvania -
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Rhode Island
Rhode Island Education Code For Homeschooling -
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South Carolina
South Carolina Homeschool Law -
South Carolina Education Code For Homeschooling -
South Carolina State Law Information - HSLDA

South Dakota
South Dakota Education Code For Homeschooling -
South Dakota State Law Information - HSLDA

Tennessee Homeschool Information -
Tennessee Education Code For Homeschooling -
Tennessee State Law Information - HSLDA

Texas State Law Requirements Regarding Home Schooling -
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Utah's Homeschooling Laws -
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Vermont Education Code For Homeschooling -
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Virginia Homeschool Laws and Policies -
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Washington Homeschool Laws -
Washington Homeschool Law -
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West Virginia
Know the Law -
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Know Your State #Homeschool Law @TheHomeScholarCanadian Homeschool Law by Province / Territory

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British Columbia
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New Brunswick
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Northwest Territories
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Nova Scotia
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Legal Issues in Home Education -
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Prince Edward Island
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Know Your State #Homeschool Law @TheHomeScholarQuebec
Canadian Homeschool Laws: Quebec -

Getting Started -
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Yukon Territory
Canadian Homeschool Laws: Yukon Territory -

Mexican Homeschool Law

Legal Information: Mexico - HSLDA
Homeschooling in México -

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