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Parents are asking how to start homeschooling because they want their teens to experience education that’s fun and effective in a stable environment. They want a home filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Instead, many parents have moved to online school yielding mixed results. The rules and requirements of public education can be overwhelming. In public or private school, parents lack the ability to control the process or change the outcome of their children’s education. They may see gaps in education becoming ever wider. Then they reach a tipping point, and can’t tolerate the situation any longer. 


Are You Wondering How to Start Homeschooling?

When any change would be an improvement, home education can seem like a straight-forward decision. Homeschool parents can create a uniquely tailored education plan that’s a perfect fit for each child. Homeschooling independently gives full educational responsibility to the parent. While it may sound terrifying at first, parents are not responsible for a full classroom, an entire school, or the multiple needs of a school district. They are only responsible for an individual child they know, understand, and genuinely love.

That is why parents are switching to homeschooling in record numbers. You can do it too!. There are other options besides recreating public school at home. Searching for hope in a changing situation, parents find there are so many options! Like everything in life, each choice offers plusses and minuses. 

Change to Homeschooling

Homeschooling Options

Parents can choose a different online school. However, if one online school doesn’t work, neither will another. Homeschooling completely online is never the most effective way.  If online school doesn’t work, then online school is the problem, not the child. Pediatricians suggest limiting children’s screen time and online school may have unintended long-term consequences associated with excessive technology use. Whether the source of education is public, private, or virtual, the online format is the weakness.

There are other school options, of course. Private school is costly. Tax dollars pay for local schools and accredited programs are paid for by tax dollars.  Accreditation is not equivalent to excellence and not all public schools are accredited. All schools progress at a steady rate intended to meet the needs of the median student in each subject. But students do not learn at a steady rate and are not at the same ability level in each subject. They need sick days and get distracted by life events like the rest of us do.

Overwhelmed by poor educational choices, parents want to know how to homeschool. Start with these simple step-by-step directions.  

Obey State Homeschool Law

Locate and Obey State Homeschool Law

Homeschooling is legal in every state. Homeschool law is different from public school law. It often involves formally withdrawing the student from public education and declaring your intention to homeschool. The level of state intervention and direction varies, but in every case it’s the responsibility of the parent to educate their student. Find your state homeschool law here.

Create an Plan for Homeschooling

Make a temporary plan and get started. Focus on reading quality books. Choose books from a high school reading list or middle school reading list. Add daily writing, such as journal writing, letter writing, or short stories. If possible, add easy math assignments with Khan Academy, math games (board games that require math), kitchen math, or math puzzle books. For some students, the best interim plan is no plan at all. Take a few weeks to decompress and let go of the public school mentality. 
Identify Homeschool Passions and Interests

Identify Interests and Passions of Your Children

Limit technology to motivate your child to pursue genuine, non-gaming interests. Gaming, like drug use, is the “great de-motivator” for teens and young adults. Encourage those interests now and throughout their education. Focusing on passions indicates a successful break with public school. Delight directed learning decreases the student’s workload while increasing their love of learning. It improves compliance, but makes home education easier on the student.

Choose Homeschool Courses and Curriculum

Plan to cover core classes but fill in electives with delight directed learning. Choose a curriculum intended for homeschoolers; it’s often more understandable because it assumes neither the student nor the parent is an expert on the subject. Read my book, Homeschool Curriculum That's Effective and Fun, check out reviews by Cathy Duffy as well as her book, 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. Before purchasing a curriculum, estimate the hours per day expected for each one, so you have reasonable expectations.

Begin Homeschooling in Earnest

Start Homeschooling in Earnest

Arrange the curriculum with a simple daily checklist or general daily schedule. Decide which adult will supervise as the eyes and ears of the teacher. Sometimes this role can fall on older teens overseeing younger students. Discuss expectations with your student, show them how to use your schedule or assignment sheet, and where to locate the resources for each subject. Hold a morning meeting together to make sure your child is doing the work.

Keep Homeschool Records

Maintain records required by your state homeschool law. For high school, prepare a high school transcript (a simple 1-page document). Keep a reading list that includes books read for school and for fun. Store assignments (tests, quizzes, lab reports) so you can create course descriptions.

Keep Homeschool Records

Behavior Benefits of Homeschooling

The benefits of homeschooling increase over time. Children become better behaved as you shape and mold them instead of their age-mates. Your relationship with them also improves over time. Teens develop truer and deeper friendships with like-minded peers in meaningful activities instead of random kids they are stuck with in class. They will spend less time online and more time learning. As the teacher, your confidence will also grow as you experience success. 

Education Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschoolers receive an excellent education. Studies comparing public and private school students show that homeschool students have higher test scores, regardless of their race, parental education level, income, or the level of state regulation. Homeschool students get into college, earn scholarships, and get great jobs. For statistical information on homeschooling, take my free online class Homeschooling: How and Why it Works with Dr. Jay Wile.

How to Switch to Homeschooling

Homeschoolers Thrive in the World

They are engaged in their community, demonstrating civic responsibility. Through homeschooling, parents can better influence the values and beliefs of their children. Homeschooling provides more family time, with improved work-life balance. 

Love Ensures Homeschooling Success

There is only one requirement for homeschool success. Love. With your genuine love and a modicum of cooperation by your child, homeschooling can be successful. You can look back on this challenging time with no regrets. Do everything in your power to support your child’s education, knowing you did all you could do. Learn more about how to be a better home educator. Embrace this new and exciting role as a homeschool parent. 

After all, you aren’t just a teacher, you are a love-giver. And love covers a multitude of missteps. 

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How to Start Homeschooling in 6 Easy Steps!

Switch to Homeschooling in 6 Easy Steps

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