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College Search Success

College Search Success

Stephanie's family wrote to tell me how much success they have had in their college search, and I want to share her words with you! She found value in some of my products and in my advice to her sons in how they approached high school tests. 

Dear Lee, Mr. Binz, and Staff:

I just want to say thank you and wish you all Merry Christmas.

Our college search is almost done as we have been accepted to almost every University we applied for, most with scholarships. (University of Delaware, Drexel, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Patrick Henry College, The Master's University and two locally) we have not heard back from Colorado School of Mines or University of Pittsburgh, yet. I believe your transcript package and Comprehensive Records package were the key factors in our success. I spoke to several schools, public and private, and they found the transcript excellent. My boys took your advice and took the SAT or ACT several times on which ever they did best on. Their second and third attempt helped them score a full tuition scholarship from UAH, University of Alabama in Huntsville, as they are giving out full tuition based on the score and that University seems to be growing. I think your records helped us convince them we were worth investing in! 

So, I bragged a little, well, maybe a lot. But you can believe I am bragging about you, too. THANK YOU!!! I am just about to email another friend with eighth graders to recommend you. I have told several younger friends, and just want you all to know you are serving the homeschool community abundantly! God is good!!!

May God bless you and give you a blessed, prosperous and peaceful New Year!

With gratitude,
Pittsburgh, PA

P.S. What a sanity relief your webinars are. I will be on your webinars again starting next year as my youngest will be in eighth grade and I will be starting all over again. I will brag on you! 'YOU DO MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD IN BLACK AND WHITE." ;-)

In addition to the Total Transcript Solution and the Comprehensive Record Solution, Stephanie's family found value in the advice I gave about taking high school tests.They got the best possible score they could on their SAT's and ACT's by following the advice in my article, How to Ace the SAT or ACT.  

Stephanie was also complimentary of my webinars! Did you know that I have free webinars almost every month? You can find out about them by registering for  my monthly newsletter and by following me on Facebook! I post them all in both of those places. We talk about making transcripts, writing course descriptions, how to grade, high school tests, and more! Join me for my free webinar, High School Tests Simply Explained

SAT®, AP®, and CLEP® are trademarks owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this blog post or The HomeScholar, LLC.  

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Monday, 08 March 2021

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