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Your Job Should You Choose to Accept It: Mission NOT Impossible

Your Job Should You Choose to Accept It: Mission NOT Impossible

Your Job Should You Choose to Accept It: Mission NOT Impossible

Remember the TV show "Mission Impossible?" It always started with "Your job, should you choose to accept it". But the team members always accepted the risks, because they knew it really was their job. 

Guess what? You have a job too! 

"The Permanent Record" is your job. That's why we go through all the trouble of making comprehensive homeschool records. You are educating your children, and the government sees you are a school, and schools must complete paperwork. This entire process is really about you writing "The Permanent Record" and you do want it to be permanent. 

"The Permanent Record" can have a financial reward. And the the financial reward for this work can be huge. Most families need money for college and academic rigor is often rewarded with scholarships. And most colleges want some proof of education. All together, that means real money in your pocket. One mom calculated how much time she spent on course descriptions compared to how much money she was rewarded in scholarships, and realized that her efforts actually earned $1600 per hour! That's one big reward! 

Hoping for "The Permanent Record" is not enough. You have to prioritize to get It done at least once per year. Put it on your calendar and prioritize it above all else. No cleaning - no laundry - no dishes - no yard work - no cooking (they may have to eat pizza every night!). No taking meals to friends – serving the poor – singing in choir – or coffee with friends either. You really have to do THIS and ONLY this. Children can work independently or you can get a babysitter. You can go off alone, if need be. 

Parents, please prioritize this task each year. Choose ONE WEEK in the next year that you will prioritize your comprehensive records and PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR. If you didn't make your records for last year, then choose one week this MONTH and put it on your calendar ...

Are your records up to date or even DONE?

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Sunday, 07 August 2022

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