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What to Submit with Your College Application

What to Submit with Your College Application

The college admission process can be a long and grueling process, filled with strange forms and processes that you haven't heard of before. All this can feel pretty overwhelming, which is why we are putting together a new Solution product to help parents prepare their children for the launch into college and life. Register to get on our "advance notice list" for the College Launch Solution here. Here is an overview of what you need to prepare with your college application.

There are many forms that parents and teens complete along with the application.

  • Application Forms 
  • Personal Essay 
  • Application Essay (1-3 may be required) 
  • Official Homeschool Transcript 
  • Course Descriptions 
  • Activity and Award List Reading List 
  • Application Fee ($40-$90 per college) 
  • Thank you note to recommenders (those who write a letter of recommendation for your child)
  • Supplements if required (i.e. Art or Music Portfolio) 
  • Send thank you note to recommender after each letter of recommendation
You must arrange for the following information to be sent directly to the college where you are applying, and there may be a fee for each one.
  • SAT scores 
  • ACT scores 
  • AP scores 
  • SAT Subject Test Scores 
  • CLEP Scores 
  • Transcripts from any high schools 
  • Dual enrollment transcript from community college 
  • Transcripts from any universities 
  • Letters of recommendation (1-3 may be required) 
  • FAFSA - complete forms starting October 1
  • CSS Profile if requested
Later in the year, you will again be asked for even more more information to finalize and update the application.
  • Send thank you note to interviewer 
  • Send a transcript with midyear grades in January 
  • Formally reply to each college with "Yes" or "No" 
  • Send the deposit required to attend 
  • Send the final transcript in June, indicating the graduation date
You can help us make sure we don't miss anything in our new College Launch Solution product by adding a comment on what is your biggest concern about launching your student into college and life. You let me know what your worried about and I'll make sure I address it. Deal?
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