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What Is a Good SAT Score?

The SAT® Score Range 

The total SAT® score range is 400-1600, and it is divided into two parts. The Math section score is 200-800, and the Reading and Writing score is 200-800. They call the Reading and Writing score "Evidence-Based Reading and Writing" or EBRW. The two section scores are added together for the total score. Many parents will ask about SAT scores, what is good?

There is no formula or calculation for what makes a good score. A good SAT® score is the best score that YOUR child can earn. But to guesstimate how your child is doing, I can suggest a scale based on the general population of the US. It doesn't fit every family, and it may not fit your child, but it can help you begin to think about test scores and what they might mean.

Colleges have different policies on how they award scholarships. A good SAT® score may earn a full ride at one college, and not earn any scholarships at another college. But in general, as test scores go up, the chance of a great scholarship will also go up.

What Is a Good SAT® Score? 

A good SAT® score may mean "enough to get into college" for one person. For another person, a good SAT® score is "enough to earn scholarships." That's why it is difficult to say what a good score is.

  • 1000 is an average SAT® score. It has an average chance of admission and scholarships. 
  • 1200 is a good SAT® score. It has a good chance of good scholarships at some colleges.
  • 1400 is a great SAT® score. It has a great chance of good scholarships at most colleges.
  • 1600 is a perfect SAT® score. It gives an excellent chance of huge scholarships.

What Is a Good SAT® Score on Each Section?

Colleges usually combine scores to determine scholarships, but it can help you assess the situation when you understand what a good SAT® score is on each section of the test.

  • 500 on each section is an average SAT® score, with a chance of earning average scholarships.
  • 600 is a good SAT® score, and provides a good chance of good scholarships.
  • 700 is a great SAT® score, and provides a great chance of good scholarships.
  • 800 is a perfect SAT® score, with an excellent chance of great scholarships.

Scholarship Chances Increase with a Good SAT® Score 

A good SAT® score may earn good scholarships, and a higher score may have even better chances. In general, an SAT® score in the 700s (or ACT® above 30), has a great chance of earning good scholarships, full tuition, or full ride scholarship opportunities. Carefully shop for colleges and watch their scholarship policies. The more you need scholarships, the more carefully you need to search.

Understanding these common tests can save you a LOT of money on college. Learn more about how to get the best possible SAT® or ACT® score with the least possible stress in this article: College Admission Tests - How to Ace the SAT® or ACT®. It will help you choose study materials and make a plan for success.

Learn about the other common high school tests in my article on College Credit in High School. You'll gain critical insights into AP® and CLEP® tests to maximize your college admission and scholarship chances. 

For more guidance with college admission, check out my book, The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships. An integral part of Sonlight's College and Career Planning Kit, you can get your copy from Amazon directly.

Learn more in my video book review below! 

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